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As the title says, simply pick a member and ask them a question or two.
Obviously nothing too personal or offensive. This is all in good fun. Let’s try to keep this civil.
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What is the song name in the HITMAN Trailer?
Possible clown outfit in Season 1 or 2?
Contract update

@scm97tl How do you manage to be the nicest dude here? :grin:


I admit I have my outbursts and all like everyone else. Anyway, I feel it’s good to be nice to people in general. I’m just me. Don’t try to act like someone you aren’t and if you are comfortable with who you are, you end feeling like being nice to everyone you meet unless someone gives you a really good reason to act otherwise.


@FantumX why are you called “The Mitten?”

(I saw it on your profile a while back and I was just curious :laughing: )

Don’t know what it means, but has a ring to it lol

“Yo, what up, Mitten!?”


A little confusion there. The “mitten” refers to Michigan, where I’m from, not to me. The reason for that nickname is obvious when you look at its shape. Only state where you can point to your hand to show someone exactly where you’re from.

Btw, cool thread @STEVEORSOMTHING :sunglasses::+1:


@AGENT4T7 Why is the fiberwire your favorite weapon in hitman?



I did know you were from Michigan, but I didn’t put two and two together :joy:

I just thought it was YOUR nickname or something haha.

EDIT: yeah, cool thread @STEVEORSOMTHING and to answer your question…

The Fiberwire has just been my favorite weapon since Codename 47. Idk, it’s just something that clicked with me from the get go. Not many games had a weapon like that (that I have played anyway, maybe one or two but that’s all I could think of.)

But I remember when I first saw it in CN47 It was the first time I have seen it in something other than the movies. I just instantly loved it and preferred it than any other melee weapons in Hitman to date. The whole aspect of it. Becoming one of 47’s signature weapons, the tension I feel in that moment in the game just as I’m about to take out a target…

Nothing like it! SILENT ASSASSIN, baby!!


@Niobium I saw you in the gta forum (don’t look for me there i didn’t join) And i think its safe to say Johnny K is your favorite gta protagonist. It’s there any reason why that is?


i love the wire too, but the oyabunknife is more useful in Codename 47 :slight_smile:


johnny is the best GTA character of all time.

i like his anti-establishment characteristics. he sticks it to the man, kills racists and is anti-imperialist. he is a fun guy to free roam with and has the best dialogue in free roam. “my caaaaaaage!” lol

he never backstabs his friends and he is truly loyal to his brothers. he says during hangouts that he doesn’t believe in being president of the club, and see him and his brothers as equals. it’s johnny who cares about his principles, not fu*king hypocrite trevor.

johnny’s character developed; he matured by ending ties with ashley for good, to the point where he stopped caring about her. he knew he had to stop caring because he realized ashley will never get better, which was part of his maturity. too bad dan houser fu*ked that up, oopsy daisy.

johnny also matured, along with his brothers, when he burned down the clubhouse. he put the clubhouse out of its misery because the lost is no longer what it used to be, with all of these brothers backstabbing each other and the lust for greed and power. it was a bittersweet ending because at least burning the clubhouse allowed him and his brothers to move on from the lost mc and its troubles. it makes no sense how he rebuilt the lost and made them 100 times stronger than the aod in the aod’s own hometown to the point where the aod got wiped out, but again, cockstar logic

johnny is the best and trevor is the worst


Perhaps… But I still prefer the wire, no question!


I like CJ more along with Víctor Vance and I also add Michael and Toni. I agree with you about Trevor entirely: pure edgelord material.


Lol My Caaaaaaage! I need to hear that line. Personally I do like Trevor in terms of gameplay and his character. I can honestly just go crazy in game with trevor although johnny does have better game play lines. I also completly agree about how he handled ashley in Lost and Damned. I didn’t do much mind the idea of him being killed off or the way they did it but he definitely deserved more screen time in gta v since they decided to kill him off. Killing him off as a mere cameo and him still “loving” Ashley are probably the only two things that REALLY pissed me off about gta v.


@STEVEORSOMTHING Noticed your profile picture, do you prefer Hotline Miami 1 or 2? I prefer 1.

Also what mask did you use the most in 1? I really liked the golden bear mask, one punching everyone was super fun.


That’s a bit hard to answer but if had to twist my arm and ask i’d lean towards two more even if some of the things they tried to introduce were a bit sloppy. Loved all the characters, the music was a bit better in my opinion, and the game controlled better, not as slidey as hm1.
As for masks my favorites were Richard, Willem the monkey, and Zack the frog. :grinning:


I think my biggest problem in 2 was that the levels were too big. I liked the story, and all the characters in the game, but it was super frustrating to be shot from somewhere I can’t see. The developers made the levels very big, which I don’t think was a good change. I liked 1 because it felt more like an arcade game, plus I liked how the levels were small and compact.


That’s true. While my favorite level is the boat level from the second game, getting shot out of nowhere was very frustrating the first time around, but i have the whole game memorized by heart. Hard mode on the other hand had me in fits. I’m glad i beat it but fuck hard mode. :rage:
btw if you were wondering Jacket is and always will be my favorite Hotline character.


@Spodey you seem like you like memes quite a bit. Do you have a favorite?



I’m actually meh on memes huehue but nothing beats Big Smoke’s order :ok_hand:


Fuck yes. You have gained my upmost respect for that answer. :joy: