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So I see @Supernova has gone dark and his profile says he was last known to be in Spain. I know he was very anxious to get out of Venezuela so I’m very happy to see that happened. Anyone know how he’s doing or still in touch with him. I tried scrolling thru his posts but didnt find much and my eyes got buggy after going back to last spring.


Okay I’m just gonna come out and ast WHO THE HELL IS HMF

Hit Man Forum? I suppose it is, anyway.


Thanks, @Urben


Is this official forum to report performance issues?

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Yes, use this thread

I say they added Vegas 16 on steam but I want to know 2 things

-Should I buy the Platinum or the Normal Version
-Do I need to play for some sort of membership

I want to use this software to make better Hitman videos, and I don’t need to know if I should buy it. I just want to know these 2 thinks asap

I have a thread as well but I might ask it here too

Generally, yes. It depends on the FPS you gain by doing it, it’s a trial and error test. Also, sorry for the late reply.

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Random one but hey that’s what this thread is for and im clock watching at work on a Friday afternoon.

How many of you binge drink/get pissed on a weekend? I drink nothing throughout the week but normally end up getting rather tipsy on a Friday/Saturday night, British culture maybe? I’m intrigued by this

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You and me both, brother.

Very much part of British culture, but I actually don’t. I’ve never been a big drinker, I’d rather have an evening in front of the fire with a steaming brew and the PS4 :grin:

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Haha your reply has eased my pain that I’m not the only one! See that’s what I normally do on a Friday night, then when Saturday comes round I get urges :scream: maybe I have a problem? :rofl:

If I had single friends who were into going out on a weekend, I’d do it more, but right now in life all my friends are settled and in various stages of marriage/pregnancy.



I guess that’s my issue plenty of mates who are single and still living with the rents so none of them have any real outgoings lol, always out and when I get the text on a Saturday afternoon my willpower goes from 100 to 0 :see_no_evil:


Don’t suppose you live in Warwickshire? Haha

Haha unfortunately not mate! I’m a Notts man

Ah fackin’ 'ell :joy:

This text will be blurred


Sorry forgot to mention, the posh part of Nottinghamshire :wink:

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All this talk about willpower and I’ve just this minute arranged to meet one of the lads for beers and the football :see_no_evil: I just can’t stay in! haha

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What qualifies for posh in Nottinghamshire? It’s north of Watford Gap. :kissing_heart:

Haha, if I tell you promise not to laugh, I’m from Mansfield which is north of Nottingham