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Wait, what guy? The shirtless guy by the water?

I think he might be talking about that guy who peeps through the wall in Andrea Martinez’s place.

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Yeah that guy, he’s a stalker :smile:

The Mixtape 47, the music it plays is lower and probably a bit slower too. Am I correct in guessing that the music comes from Kane & Lynch 2 and that IO had to distort it in order to not violate any copyright that’d belong to Square Enix? (Or maybe K&L are the sole property of IO since they broke away from SE).

Or is that a minor bug? I mean, it doesn’t seem as effective like it did in Hitman 2016, but that’s besides the point.

Where is the hitmanforum member contracts thread, I can’t find it evrn using the search function, anyone have alink ?

For Hitman 2: OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)
For Hitman 1: OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)

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Anyone got a full list of each disguise on every level within Hitman 2?

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Dont have a list but if you go in to each mission you can see a list there of all the disguises:


Thanks man :+1::+1:


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Many members wanted that thread to be moved to purgatory including me.I moved it because it’s a duplicate thread that contains same arguments and discussions that were in original thread and because it was an obvious bait (at least first post) and would likely result in some members getting banned.
If Jarbinger disagrees with me,I won’t have any problem getting my regular status removed or something similiar.I still think thread was useless though.

I need one more disguise for Miami. I think it might be either the Blue Seed Driver, or Mechanic. I only know of one and you can get them to come around to a back alley type area behind the the Thwak(?) party place or whatever it is (where that drug/Del Gado guy and sheikh are). If he’s a driver, then I need the mechanic (or vice-versa).

It wasn’t a bait mate.

Is there a cap to the XP level? I’m around 480 ish and still have plenty of challenges left to complete.

It’s more 1100 levels for sure.
I think there is not less then 10 thousand levels exist.
But only IOI can tell you for sure

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I believe there isn’t any Blue Seed Mechanic disguise to be found. Besides, I (finally) watched a video on it. It was an Aeon(?) racer disguise that I needed. He’s up in the Racers/VIP lounge.

Holy Jesus, what happened to forum this time??!


Server collapsed? Maybe the network was overloaded.

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the host had some long ass downtime

-from Jarb

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what did everyone do while HMF was down?

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Hookers and blow.

No seriously I was doing uni work