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Mostly alphanumeric data is downloaded. Just like .txt files.

They are insignificant in size (max filesize could reach 50 mb. But I am confident it is much less normally.

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How do you strike through in a post?

like this

hope this helps

put one of these “~~” at the start and end of the sentence/word


Helped a lot, ten out of fucking ten. :+1:


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Do we have a techinal issues thread for Hitman 2?
In Hawkes bay I found a door with wrong rotation. (also in Hawke’s bay, in the bathroom we have a new door, which is ugly as hell on the purple wall…)

We get one, but judging from your description, it seems more like a bug. So here is the bug report thread:


Thank you, I’ll post it there with a screenshot!

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Anyone know how many ET’s we had in 2016 in total?



How much would this forum cost if one wanted to buy it?

Just a theoretical question, no need to worry :-p

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Can someone provide me with a picture of the room in Codename 47 which is the murder room in Contracts? I want to see how it looks in the classic and if there’s someone inside.

We are talking about the crime scene in Tradition of the Trade from Contracts vs. the Original room in C47 right?

Correct. :slight_smile:

Guys, am I seeing wrong, or the Paitent Zero maps are not available in contracts mode? (besides Bangkok)

Only The Source is available for contracts mode

Well, I hope they are going to be added somehow…I’ll have some ideas for a contract.

Here you go.

Contracts’ hotel is very similar to C47’s one, so finding the certain room wasn’t hard.
This room is similar to other rooms, located on corners of the building.
No one is here… It’s still possible that one of the NPCs in hotel enters this room as part of the routine.
The ghost isn’t here either :thinking:
The bathroom.
Fascinating landscape.
I hope that was what you wanted and you are satisfied now :slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t in Hungary for while now (I moved to France) and I’m going back to visit my family this week, but I can assure you, after the correct amount of alcohol, Budapest is really that blurry.
Or, if you don’t drink, just hop on a bus, and try to look out the window!


This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

So weird to see they changed such a normal, silent room into a nasty crime scene.

The Hitman: C:47 room becomes eerie to me as well now, in all its silence.
Never been there before, didn’t remember there being a garden behind the hotel. Thanks for the shots @Pollisya_Hotel.