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Has someone Concept Art from Codename 47? i cant remember have seen anything of it.


Not fixed, nerfed/ruined.

There is a difference


Well it was technically a bug so it was fixed




Let’s not derail this thread into yet another wallbang dicussion.


So just noticed at the bottom of each thread, there’s no longer a button for “tracking”, “normal” etc. Anyone else (not) seeing this?


Same here:


I see it in the mobile version though…


Hm a bit disappointed that it’s gone to be honest, there are some topics that becomes extremely annoying and i don’t want to track.


Could just be a bug though…


I’ll tag @ampburner and @Jarbinger as it’s likely unintentional. Thanks for the quick feedback peeps!


Its there on the mobile version still so I can only assume its absence is temporary and/or unintentional.


The button was there but it was hidden “behind” the “suggested topics” due to a conflict between the discourse CSS and custom CSS.

should be fixed now


I didn’t know where to ask this, so I figured this would be a good place to say it
Can anybody see the word ‘Regular’ next to my name, it says I have the badge but it doesn’t appear next to my name


you can activate it manually. Dunno where, look around I guess.


You have to do it manually in the profile settings. You should see an option that says Title. That’s where you toggle it.


Then preferences and scroll down to Title and change it here:



Thanks guys !!


Try to change it so we can see your regular status :smiley:.


I’m trying to do it now