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@Alek I was wondering why do you have Shakira as your avatar? Is it just because she’s hot?

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@Chef-assassin, your culinary skills are well documented here. So here are a few questions in regards to the food you prepare yourself

What is your best dish?
Which is your favorite to eat?
Do you ever eat and actually enjoy fast food? If so, favorite?


@ingrobny is the nicest dude here.


Lol, it’s just because I figure it’s something that stands out. Plus I do like a few of her songs, not her #1 fan or anything though. There’s not a deep meaning behind it but I can definitely see why people would wonder.


@Quinn what is your avatar?

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The knife will never beat the wire, even if it’s more effective :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@TheOneWhoKnocks How come you haven’t posted as much as you used to? I like never see you here anymore lol


If I remember correctly you said Claus Strandberg is your favorite Hitman target. Any reason why?



Is making music just your side hobby or do you actually plan on making a living out of it out at least some income?

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Because he’s such an asshole and I love it.


It’s a hobby for sure. One I spend too much time on. I have a gig with 10 shows playing bass this summer. Rehearsals start now and it’s two times a week 'til go time.

I would like to make money doing it but I dunno how right now.


I know you can whip out a beat pretty quickly.

Do that x 15-20 times, cull down to 5, expand & polish upon on them, release mix-tape. Hustle your mix-tape like Rick Ross.


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I really liked Lance Vance as a character in VC. I remember the mission where Diaz keeps him as a hostage and you have gun every guard down and take Lance to the hospital. The ending broke my heart real well :worried: but I was very happy about Tommy’s life from there on :grinning:


One more Lance Vance Chance.


GTA: VCS is the first GTA I finished at 100% and it’s my favourite in the same level as SA. I’m still upset over Víctor dying in VC :bear::cry:.


Gta v is the first 100 percent gta i completed On ps3. Lol we shouldn’t derail this into a gta thread.
What show is your avatar from?


It’s Bearmon from Digimon games and anime. Appeared in one movie and he was of the cutest characters I have seen. That’s why I like him a lot.

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I know it sounds cliche but I don’t know if I have a “best” dish necessarily. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about building flavor and know what combinations work together. My heritage is Greek and Italian so some of my best dishes are spanakopita, moussaka for example.

Probably anything Asian.

Not much actually. But the odd occasion I do it would definitely be a burger and fries. Wendy’s being the first choice. Five Guys makes awesome burgers too.

Edit- Not sure why my quotes didn’t copy properly. Sorry


Moussaka…one of my favorites. Please post some pics the next time you make it!

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What’s the story behind your avatar?

What made you choose that?

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