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@Watson What’s your avatar, I’ve seen a lot of people saying it looks really good, but I don’t know it

Please don’t ban me HEHE.


IIRC he once mentioned is from the movie whose title is Watson’s status.


That’s Humphrey Bogart.
He was a huge star. One of the best known films was The Maltese Falcon.


@All the xbox players, how much gamerscore do you got?

Ive just reached 26000.




I didn’t know where to post this, so I’ll do it here:

Facebook isn’t showing any posts of the pages I liked anymore. This started several days ago. Does anyone know how to fix it?


(First time in UK) Why are there so many of these “Food & Wine” Stores? They all look the same, and why particular Wine?


What APK is good and user-friendly to edit images, particularly to reliably blur and or scratch portions of it? I would like to share some screenshots one friend sent me about a PSN phisher’s attempt well trolled, but not compromise the fact that the screenshots reveal this guy’s name.


My Xbox gamerscore is 9855 right now


@Mister_Rieper Sixty Eight Thousand, Four Hundred and Ninety. :nerd_face:


And yes, I have no life


What about a thread where you can post your old and new profile picture, if you want to change it?
Most of the users recognise other’s by looking at their profile picture, and not their name. But sometimes users change their picture, and people like me get very confused. So if you change your picture, you’ll announce it in the thread. Do you all think it’s necessary? I would like the idea.


Could be good for someone like me who’s always switching pics.


I really like that idea a lot. I personally only ever change my profile pic on “National Hitman Day” for 47 days. After which, I go back to this one I have now.

But it would definitely be useful IMO for those who do change their avatars regularly. I say go for it! Make the thread :smiley:


I was thinking maybe I should change my profile picture. When I first picked it for YouTube, I put minimal effort into the selection process and just got it from google images in 20 seconds. Maybe I should go for something more personal.


Same with me, but with my name. Sadly, it’s impossible to change it.


That’s a nice avatar bro. I really like that pic of 47 it looks very nice very professional I’ve never seen that one before.


You can PM Jarbinger.


Can someone do a tutorial on ICA space programming, it’s really annoying to try and figure it out


There already is a tutorial…? :thinking:

What’s to figure out, what are you having trouble with exactly??