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cant you snipe her from there, when shes meeting the Director? on that little Bridge? havent played hokkaido in the last time :thinking:


You want SA or are you ok with bodies found?


SA. Unfortunately. Huhehueh. It’s okay if it’s RNG dependent. My whole route for Soders is RNG.


Too much waiting. It takes longer for her to get to the bridge then it does to get to the sauna (which in my v1.0 speedrun I killed her in).


You can try to steal cigar from Dexter’s room and then distract guards outside her room with a duck to sneak in her room before her. See if this is possible.


I’m not sure if it is possible. When the run uploads, I’ll post the link here so you can check the timing.



I don’t think I can get the packs from Dexter in time.


It is possible. I did it using saves.



but I didn’t kill soders will Lancer huehue


I’ve done it now with heart snipe.


2 Little questions:

  • There are how many featured contracts? (I did like 20~30, but plan to do every featured SA, is seems there are a lot more)

  • Anyone know if the the grave in the cemetery behind the church in Sapienza do something? It gets yellow when you use instinct, like the interactive objects


Including those curated by Mendie there are around 180 contracts on the Featured Contracts menu.As for the grave I don’t know if you can push someone in it.


I run intro a problem, while goofy-ing around in contracts mode.
Could it be, that only regular weapon kills (shoot someone, meele kill combat etc.) can be determined in the last final steps menu of creating a contract?
It seems that the contract mode doesn’t allowing me to use the laboratoy chamber kill as a killmethod. :frowning:


Nope it’s not in the game


Damn it and thank you. :slight_smile:


I haven’t unlocked Santa 47 yet, but I want to know if I can us the santa disguise as a requirement for created missions in contracts mode? Or does it just count as a " regular suit" and the game doesn’t care in which suit I’ve finished the mission?


No, it’s just a suit


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Is the october announcement schedule today ?


It’s probably going to be released this tuesday