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@Chef-assassin hey chef, does it exist some firing pan for eggs that doesn’t stick or doesn’t require oil? I was talking with my aunt about this and told me she got a huge grill at work where they just put eggs on it and they won’t stick.
Can you suggest me one? Normally when I make eggs in a pan I put oil on the pan. I was thinking to buy one day an electric device to cook them like boiled.


Put butter or ghee instead


Teflon or ceramic pan. I suggest to look up some tests which is the best in your price level. I think Teflon is a bit cheaper but not so hightech as ceramic can be. I have both kinds but had some expensive ones in the past which broke too fast. So dont get something from the shelf which is not atleast some years in the market. Tests tend to be better then.


Yes as @Urben suggests. Teflon or nonstick will help. Controlling Heat is important too. The protein is what sticks to the pan. The yolk contains fat and doesn’t stick as much for example. Why not use healthy oils and put in a pump mister. Like Avocado oil? I’ll see if I can send some suggestions.


Thank you guys. I use this oil since as far as I can remember. I’m searching for something more healthy.


I prefer colza oil, it can get hotter than sunflower (useful for steaks and such stuff), might even be generally healthier.


Grape seed oil has a very high smoke point and is good for you as well.


Or you could do poached eggs. I do love me some poached eggs on toast. It can be tricky to do though. Perhaps @Chef-assassin has some easy tips.

Or you could cheat and buy an egg poacher like this…



Should I buy Hitman Codename 47 or Hitman 2 Silent Assassin?

  • C47
  • SA

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They’re both great but if you find it hard playing older games then I’d suggest Silent Assassin because it’s more polished control wise and closer to HITMAN we have today imo.


I would say Silent Assassin because it’s more polished and has more of the classic hitman mechanics that C47 only touches on. Plus if you own Contracts, half of the levels on that game are remastered versions from C47.

It’s also worth noting that Silent Assassin has way more levels compared to C47, it’s easier to get into compared to C47 with the controls and such.


Alright, thanks everyone for the feedback.

I’ve been message @AlexNiedt on steam for the past few minutes and after a discussion I’ve decided to go for Contracts instead of SA and C47, because it’s new, polished, and has gotten very good reviews on steam and…

Also I just found out you can edit quotes to be whatever you want it to say! Huuhuhuheuheuh.


buy Codename 47, for me its still the best Game in terms of atmosphere, story and Missions.


In terms of atmosphere I would pick contracts, even though it looks a bit horror-esque
in terms of replayability HITMAN is the one for me


I think you’ve made the right choice with Contracts. C47 is clunky compared to the newer ones (although it’s still fun) but Contracts despite its flaws still has many of my favourite missions and an amazing soundtrack. The gameplay is also more polished than SA, which is very buggy and frustrating at times (but brilliant at others).


I actually have an easier time playing C47 compared to SA. To me C47 is the better game out of the two.


Not funny. Tell us how you really feel. Lol


I have some weird Glitch… I can play Hitman normally, But everytime i play Marrakech i can only Play there once.
If i retry the mission, it keeps loading and never stops, if i die, same never stops loading, if i get out, play any other map, and then play Marrakech it just wont load.
What can i do?


Try eating a donut in a sexual way. Should load right up.