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How do we know this game takes place in 2019


Check out the Sanguine posters in Paris.





How did you assemble a seemingly infinite amount of knowledge on several key areas of life. Politics, art, technology, culture, etc.

Are you the type of guy that just reads encyclopedias for fun all day? OR does your career field involve being adept with general knowledge? Are you high-functioning autistic? Were you a contestant on Jeopardy/WWTBAM?


Say you’re in an MMORPG. Say you join an easy queue. Say you see your team in that queue has very high tier gear. Say that the very first thing they do is “break protocol” by taking a tactic that will factually deminish the overall score of your team.

Now say you ironically call them noobs… then they proceed to sabotage the team (60% of them) by not playing at all. Only mocking you about your performance. Now say you shut them up by completing the queue within acceptable time, completing every single optional objective possible and not dying once with only 40% of the people playing; who also are far worse geared than the people attempting the sabotage…

Now say they’re so pissed you managed to carry them, thay the start calling you names racially (peasent, pool cleaner, saying “kek” at the end of your name… etc).

Question is… if I report them, how long do you guys think they’ll ban them?


For nine years I was raised in isolation with a house full of books (including a complete encyclopedia set) and television that was largely limited to government stations, so I developed a great fixation with learning and desire for knowledge. My parents encouraged this a lot and I got into stat heavy CRPGs and novels (my mother is quite pretentious about her tastes).

On top of that when I did join civilization I really sucked at social interactions and sport due to lack of practice and a few medical issues, so I tended to focus on academic fields for my achievements. I’ve also always loved a good story, which has led me to want to hear stories from everyone I know (if they won’t tell me any I bore them with mine until they concede).

Then when I went into university I picked a “multimedia” degree because I liked both arts and computers. This meant I did a lot of tech and humanities classes and most of those were either “how to take a concept apart” or “how to put a thing together”. The degree is essentially worthless as a piece of paper, but it equipped me well for learning stuff without depending on books.

As anyone who’s been here for years can tell you, I also enjoy a good argument and they have led me to do a lot of research, for after all - my parents always told me it’s important to make good decisions. (My parents are right wing nutbags who believe chain emails… so it’s do as they say, not as they do, really)

In my career I always tried to get promoted by learning more about the industry and everything relevant - so when I got a job as a Fraud Investigator for an online payment company I basically was motivated to learn about… everything. Politics, laws, history, etc. Currently I work in late day collections and need to assess claims of hardship, strategise making people pay, etc.

Basically my upbringing imbued me with a desire for knowledge that makes me grateful I can’t find my way to Yggdrasil to sacrifice an eye to Mimir and maybe hang myself for nine days. I am assured that I am not on the Autistic spectrum by my psychologist friends and I tend to agree with them.


I wasn’t here when uber was still on the forum can someone tell me why everybody hates him ?


when will @MrBurn4488 confess that he is actually Uber?


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Does anyone one what snake is the one in the Absolution wallpaper?
I have that wallpaper since 2011 and I never question what kind of snake is it.

Never mind. I found out its a Prairie Rattlesnake. I googles Snakes type South Dakota


Is @furrtheseven and @frotheseven the actual @Fortheseven




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I don’t care if you do or don’t.


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Edit: actually you’re not. Hi Uber. How’s life ?


I never had an account, but I was watching.
If I remember correctly there was also that one @Fuhrertheseven