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Ah, okay, i understand that is a bummer, but the possitive is that you are still here and not suspended, so all you can do now is to learn from it and you will have your regular status back in 100 days :smiley:.


Is your name pronounced Oiler like the mathematician or yooler


I pronounce it the latter.


me too, but I want to know his intended pronounciation


Euler is pronounced oiler, as in the Swiss born mathematician. He is my hero.


Why ?


I have not had a post of mine flagged since August, have visited every day, etc. No clue why I lost my regular status either. I just stop questioning it when it happens because it comes and goes so frequently.


Ask mods they might know, jarby helped me out with my status


Probably a stupid question, but I honestly don’t know.

At the moment I am without internet (I’ll be getting it again very soon, but not in time for the new Hitman update.)

Now, if I were to go to a friends house and bring along my PS4 and downloaded the new content (if it ends up being like that.)

Would I still be able to access it when I bring my PS4 back to my house? As I said probably a very basic question but I honestly am not sure. Thanks to anyone that can answer


Well that depends on the type of content.

If it’s “live” content, like escalations, elusive targets or contracts, yes it requires an internet connection.

If it’s classed as a “mission”, like… the missions, or Holiday Hoarders, it doesn’t.

Since we don’t know what it is until tomorrow we have no clue.

It’s being announced tomorrow but we don’t know when it releases so you might make it in time.


Dear HMF - Why are there so many fucking Nazi sympathisers on the Internet?


Ah, alrighty I got you. Thanks for the info dude, I understand now. Appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:


Because the Internet gave everyone a voice, which is sadly mostly used by Idiots.


Where will ioi stream


On my youtube channel.


Thats a dirty LIE! On MY channel! :smile:


11 AM


please don’t run this into the ground too…


If I use a small part of this video which is made by gameranx:

Will it be ok/legal? I’m only using one of the many clips this video features.


Like… ask them dude, not us. You can probably contact Jake Baldino, Falcon or even that asian journalist who I think runs the whole thing.

I would reccomend, should you not ask them, to just put one of those (not an expert on YouTube) adds on the top right corner that you can check by clicking on the (!) button after the video. Make it so that it appears during the time that this video is used; and it gives a direct link to the original video.