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(Haven’t played GOTYE yet) Is the subdue/ out of the map glitch still possible? I would love to try it on the new maps, they look so interesting…


There’s not really much blocked off in the new maps. Colorado has nobody you can subdue while Sapienza has only the mansion blocked off.


Especially the mansion is interesting for me. I would love to take a screenshot of the room from Silvio’s mother by night.



You can do that on the icon anyway :smile:


Is anyone playing GOTYE on Xbox One? I’m a bit confused about the controls of the sniper, better said the new slow motion effect. It says “RT”, but this is the button you shoot with?


just push the triggerbutton only halfway, same with the aiming from the silverballer.

Nur halb drücken, kriegste hin :wink:


Didn’t even knew anything about the silverballer aim option… :sweat_smile: Thank you very much! Es ist so ungewohnt hier Deutsch zu schreiben, man denkt immer man wäre der einzige mit seiner Sprache…


Okay so, maybe this has been explained elsewhere but I honestly am not sure.

My question is about the Elusive Target Coin

You’ll be awarded one of rewards, depending on your progress with Elusive Targets.

I received that one, so my question is; what were the other


Maybe for people that completed at least one, but not any ET with SA. In this forum is virtually impossible for you to find someone without SA at least once.

As for the other one I have no idea what may trigger it. Maybe playing all of them? Maybe playint all of them SA? Maybe unlocking all of the ET challenges (which is most related to the server working, not to us doing SA. As we sometimes get suits early, or late, or challenges do not pop).


There was one for trying an ET but not completing, one for completing an ET but no SA and one for SA afaik


But what I’m saying is; what is the difference? Are some bronze or silver? Cause I got Gold and I beat all 26 ET

ALL SA ranks for all 26


Hi can you tell me how to get Hitman Sniper Challenge
problem is that i bought Absolution at retail


Unfortunately it’s not available anymore.


I know someone asked it already a few days ago, but I can’t find his post. Has anyone found the safe combination for the save in The Author already?

Found it!

It’s in the next room, on the pc screen. But the safe is empty, sadly :frowning:


It shouldn’t be empty. When I opened it there was an explosive golf ball in there.


I tried to open it with an breaching charge before, it probably exploded too. Thanks for letting me know!


When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


No, really - There are a lot of fucking Nazis and Nazi sympathizers on the internet.


if there weren’t, there would have been no controversy over Wolf2 lol


How can I check the specifications of my laptop? Please provide a website, program or instructions on how to do it in Windows 10 as I’m a noob on computers.

Also, more specifically, how or where can I check wether or not can my laptop run a specific videogame?