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Just press start and type dxdiag in the search bar and then hit enter. - but honestly I find it more reliable to just cross reference your specs with the minimum requirements.


It seems my laptop is unsurprisingly below the minimum requirements. Not impressive considering it must be over two years old.

Question. Should it say that my dedicated videocard ram space is way below average, but everything else in the graphic card, RAM, OS, disc space and processor checks good; how bad will it run?

Adding images so people tell me.

And this is for a different one.


I don’t know if you are trolling or you really have no clue.
You don’t have dedicated GPU. All you have is integrated graphics processor with 128MB Ram. You can’t run any recent games on it. Average VRAM for gaming was 2GB for laptop. Now it’s more like 4GB average.

Your CPU is i5 with 2.2Ghz and Ram of 8 GB is decent.

Or maybe your laptop has dedicated GPU, but that test used internal GPU.


You can also do it here, download this little program, no need to install, just run it and delete it afterwards, close all other program so your laptop dosen’t work on anything else when the test is running.

Here is my score, our integrated (with the CPU) Intel HD Graphics GPU isn’t good enough to run games like Hitman, GTA, COD etc.

I think 2GB GPU is the least you can have to play e.g Hitman 2016 and alike and for that we need a gaming laptop like this one:

4 core GPU 2.50 Ghz and 3.50 Ghz turbo, i have 2 cores (your CPU have also just 2 cores) and i don’t think that is enough.
GPU integrated with this CPU is Intel® HD Graphics 630, which will be used for regular PC stuff (in lack of better words :joy:) and gaming dedicated CPU GeForce GTX 1050 2GB.


Thanks a lot bro. I also asked several friends. Turns out the game I wanted to play, I can play, and so far so good. Maybe won’t be able to use the latter one, but we’ll see.


Is there any NPC in HITMAN called “Herald”?


The captive in Colorado.

Well, also Soders I guess, but he isn’t even an NPC.


The question arose after watching this: HITMAN

The artist speaks of: (Hitman, Mercenary, Herald …).


Oh, then he’s probably not referring to the guy in Colorado. He might just mean this guy.


That must be him, it’s quite odd that three guys are called by that name. Anyways thanks for the clarification.


No problem. Well, it’s not that weird considering all of them are Providence members.


Herald is a title, not a name.


Hotline miami tho. Try that game nova. It’s good and it’ll run no doubt.


Might as well mention me tho. Could have easily missed this otherwise!

I’ll see to it. Completed Stick of Truth and considering on getting Witcher 1 and 2. Will probably download old GTA’s too maybe.


Hotline miami 1 is a classic but you can skip the second game imo. I’ll mention you next time :penguin:


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How do you interpret/understand this word


It looks like an adulterated Latin word, probably related to flexibility?


Something like that. It is a combination of english word flex and latin suffix imus.
One of the meanings of Imus is deepest.
I just want to know how does it sound for native speakers and how would they interpret it.


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