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See you guys in 5 years


I have this too. Just posted it in meta. Here would probably have been a better place.


At least I can still flag, so all is good.


Yeah I got the same thing. Damn that’s a long time to wait. :thinking:


For the YouTubers here, do you guys know how to plan a livestream on YouTube and make it go live when I’m online at the point I planned it. I still don’t know how it works


How do you create a link within a sentence without using the entire original link address? For example: “Check out the story here.” with the word “here” being highlighted as the clickable link.


Click the chain link in the options above (next to quote) a box will pop up, enter your URL and the word you want to become clickable, then click ok.

or, you can type your word, highlight it and then click the chain link and enter the URL.


Thanks! I’ll give it a go. :sunglasses::+1:

EDIT: Worked PERFECTLY. Thank you so much!



Hello, just had an idea. It’s only a suggestion, but I noticed we have quite a few “forum games” on HMF. Would it be possible to add a “HMF Games” category for a more convenient search? (Especially for new members.)


Who were the guys in HMF that inspired Jack Please and Rocco in Sapienza?


jack please was expert iirc.

yup it was, he’s a legend


Guys, personal question: how do I deal with someone who calls me a ‘friend’ in real life but humiliates me in a whatsapp group where most people like him? (I’m the group host)


Two words - Admin Abuse

Rocco was @mackdadi - Who had his likeness included in the game for winning the Hitman Sniper Challenge. Sadly he doesn’t visit the forum so much these days but he’s still the Sniper Guru!


Not the word I would use to describe him tbh


With very little to go on here, my first impression is that he’s kind of the class clown, always wants to be funny and that’s how he seeks attention and approval. It is very possible he does in fact like you and considers you a friend but is completely oblivious to how his comments can affect you.

My suggestion, without getting too serious with him, just say hey man, I like having you in our group and I like your personality/conversation/whatever but I gotta tell ya, it kinda bugs me when you say stuff like (give example).then stop and see what he says, how he reacts. If he seems apologetic and sincere, great, might see a nice turn around. If he shrugs it off, doesn’t care or worse, then he’s probably just a prick who intends to continue being a prick to be “cool.”

Good luck!


Yeah that’s a way for many to get the spotlight. Maybe even to hide some insecurities,you see,he throws you in the mix cracking a few jokes (maybe even offensive,you said he humiliates you so I assume he goes hard) so no one notices his own shortcomings thanks to this. Best way to deal with this is see how valuable of a friend he is and consider
A)Talking about it and saying how you feel (if he’s a good friend he’ll care and stop).
B)Confront him about it and play his own game/force him to stop. But do this if he keeps going on and on even if you told him about how it rubs you the wrong way or if he never was really a good friend.
That’s how I see it,having a bit more info would make it easier to give you suggestions but I think this is how I personally would go about it.


So coming back to my friend issue. It kinda escalates now. I have a few people who help me with being group host and I explained the problem. They understand what’s going on and are kinda annoyed of him now, I think? He deliberately starts spamming the whole group with bullshit and the other group host just put him out. Now he is pissed and starts even more bullshitting. Problem is he was a group host in before, but because of laziness I demoted him. (We are talking about a gta crew/community here). And because he lost all his glory he starts acting like a child. Meanwhile I know him and his parents in real life, so this kinda got me in a difficult situation.


Oh yeah, knowing him irl puts a different spin on it too. Are you actually friends irl or just know each other. Perhaps if you’re comfortable getting together irl and talking about it would help - if you actually want to salvage this. Maybe just tell him what the perception is that he’s creating with his comments and that the group would welcome him if he toned down his “humor” and stopped shitposting. Or if he’s truly stuck in his ways it may be best to just ignore him and see if he just goes away.

Idk. Best of luck tho!


He’s being really fucking childish my man. Maybe the best course of action would have been confronting him before the group to try and isolate the situation but still,if the whole group agrees with you then your friend should see the errors in his ways. If you know him IRL well enough then,by all means,just like @FantumX said,talk this through while you still can because from the way I see it he’s going to get more and more pissed off,because in his eyes you are just punishing him from being himself. So,in short,if you value him enough as a mate,go talk to him ASAP. If not,just let go unless he realizes it by himself.


I got a question for @mungadungalis: are you australian? Your profile picture makes me think of the coast of Sydney or Darwin, somewhere like that.