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I have a question for @Pagan, htf are you so good at Hitman like wtf, you dodge, you swift, that video where you killed Rocco with the chandelier of that lawyer, was the best 10 minutes or so of my life…teach me mastah teach me…also Happy b-day :grinning:


just practising, learning mechanics very well. and thanks :smiley:


Well then I guess I should have a bit more time with agent 47 lol, thank you for your reply (Also me and my boyfriend are the biggest fans of your youtube channel, we have been subscribed since 800 subs lol you are amazing keep up the good work.


I am thinking about writing a book but I can’t find the right premise. I was thinking about making it about a mercenary (I know,original,especially for a Hitman fan) who kills only bad guys unless he strictly has to murder innocents but he does so just because the police cares less if one starts murdering criminals. I want to make it so because I don’t want a punisher or batman,I want my character to be morally grey,I don’t necessarirly want the people to like him or see him as a goodie goodie. The whole book would essentially revolve around this guy becoming slowly more and more insane until he reaches the insanity of,say,Patrick Bateman,with not only hits but also blitzes to steal documents,drag races and heists (You know,I’d like him to have a whole squad he works with) and during the book he would start facing the worst scum,even his former boss,and lose precisely 2 lovers(the first one being kept in the dark about his criminal life and the second one being his “I think I can actually do it now” lover) and his stepdaughter(of the first love interest) who blames the death of her mother on him. At a certain point he reaches this point of no return where he just becomes a worst kingpin than all of the scum he killed,not to mention a psycho serial killer that kills for fun in an act of desperation to try and feel some emotion once again or anyways to get caught so that they can finally stop his killing spree. I still don’t know how I would develop it,or how the book would end,but do you guys think the premise is decent or original enough if I start developing it?And if so would you like it if I released the first “chapter” here? Please be honest about it,no sugar coating. I’m posting it here because this forum is frequented by a lot of people with great taste in good movies tv series books and games,plus I trust you to be honest with me more than my friends or parents.


I’ve spent about a year in Australia during two visits, but I’m from USA.
My pic is from a day of boating in the intercoastal waterway of North Carolina.


Hmm…“The road to hell is always paved with good intentions” type. By the details it sounds pretty interesting. I’d give it a read, no bullshit. If you want to post on HMF then you already know the Creative Corner is the place. Looking forward to it.


Thanks man! I was thinking along those lines but not necessairly good intentions,I wanted to make a dark character without any sugar coating. He is an ambitious and angry man because all of his life he has felt…unsatisfied(bit like Walt from Breaking Bad in this aspect)and he wants glory fame and money. Being a vigilante is a way for his mean and he is going to be,later on,even ruthless and brutal about it. And I mean detailed brutality,Dexter-like even,because it paves his way to glory. I don’t want this to be evident from the start but later on this side of him will be shown more and more!
Also,I was thinking of making him a former Marine who was kicked because someone set him up or framed him(something like that) with a couple of chapters that show his downfall into crime. Would that be boring and should I just go for the already established Hitman?


You should go with whatever you’re feeling most. Just because this is HMF doesn’t mean whatever you write has to be about Hitman.


Sounds like a great idea, I’d certainly read it (also happy birthday)


Thank you,for both the things you said! :slight_smile:


Oh no I know but I just find the whole profession so fascinating from an outsider point of view so I just want to go with it! I thought about making the story about a kingpin in the making instead and focus only on that but I took great inspiration from Alexander Solonik’s story (def. worth checking it out btw,it’s a great read! And it is also real which is crazy!)and decided to use it along with my Hitman love. Plus I would’ve just copied The GodFather. Better this way. Thanks on the valueble feedback and advice my man I’ll definitely go with how I feel the story needs to be!


Oh and guys I was also wondering,do you think that a “noire-like” narrative in 1st person is appropriate?I was thinking of making something similiar to how Max Payne told its story. Agreed or nah?


If this is your first story, I say just fuck it and try to see what happens. Experiment how you like. Whatever you choose, I’m pretty sure you won’t get booooed. But if you really want, I’ll proof read it.


Thanks man! I’ll try and write down a 1st chapter and then I’ll post it in the creative corner for all you guys,so that atleast I’ll see if it’s worth to keep on writing or if I should change direction!


My brother printed and painted this for me with his new 3d printer. Its not perfect but what do you think?


still very cool in my opinion :grinning:.


I really like it too!


I think that it’s pretty dope man! Only think is,maybe paint the silencers black but for the rest it may not be perfect but it’s cool af! Your bro is pretty talented.


That’s pretty nice man. Does he take requests? :wink: You can probably sell a few


Omg this is very cool lol, Ilike it a lot (It also reminds of that scene from Colorado where at the end you need to scan rose’s face)