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Probably not as we are living in Germany :smiley:


I will buy silver paint and paint the silencers too. He just didn’t know how agent 47 looked exactly :slight_smile:


He didn’t?Goddamn he didn’t know how he looked and he still nailed it,immagine if he knew!


Be sure to ask badea for the exact details of the silverballer! :raised_hands:


Will do :smiley: 2020202020


He only knew a few things about him


Who else agrees that if one day David Bateson stops doing 47s voice, Bateson should be replaced with the guy who voices the YouTube channel “Ridddle”?


It’s slighty less saltry and deep but,yeah,if Bateson ever stopped or got too old for the part I wouldn’t mind that guy’s voice. It’s a pretty close match! Surely beats Mapother…


Liam Neeson should be Bateson’s replacement. :grin:


He could be a good replacement if he was younger. :laughing:
But I agree there’s something similar in Ridddle’s voice even though it’s not as deep.


No. His voice is good for documentaries. Not for 47.


Why the Word “Retard” is such A big taboo here?


Because it is a insult and most of us (i can’t say “we” because maybe some will not agree with me :flushed:) don’t want insults here, if people can’t reply or discuss without using some kind of insults, they should not reply at all.
Hitman forum is a pretty clean forum when it comes to behaviour and many of us, does everything to keep it that way, so insults between members here is flagged rather quickly.


But I’m still suprised that even messages mocking People like Donald Trump are flagged


Because fight his ideas instead of calling him a retard, you can call Trump many things, but retard is a pretty ugly word and Trump is not a retard.

Retard, a person born with a mental condition and therefore has to work a million times harder to be able to do simple things (such as learn and communicate) that we take for granted.


He is not a retard. In fact, you must have some degree of moral and ethical defficiency if you believe that bad deeds to bad men are good deeds in the end. Particularly in a place where they’re prohibited.


Exactly couldn’t have said it better myself Super


They sure fucking are.

I prefer the term American, not someone with a degree of moral and ethical deficiency.


They are not. And if you fail to tell good from justice… then yeah, you’re northamerican :wink:


I do hate to disagree with you, as I agree with your opinion, but from playing the Witcher 3, not all good decisions are good, and I find that that correlates to life as well… Just my two pence