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This is a very clear error in the simplest transitive logic. Should you keep failing to realize that further, you should probably study what “good” means from an ethical viewpoint.

The narrative of a fiction doesn’t necessarely relate to reality. Specially not the one of this game. It feels as if you’re in the good old “rain isn’t rain if I don’t get wet” mentality. Just because your character or family do not get personal benefit from doing the good deed does not make the deed bad. Or, perhaps there is no desition that can be properly classified as good.


I’m… Very sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, perhaps a videogame wasn’t the best example, and a better one might be: While trying to play cupid for two people, it ends up that they’re happy without eachother, even though you were trying to do good.

Also, a question if I may, was Hitler dying and the Nazi regime a good thing?


I was not acting offended. I was trying to educate and debate on a subject. Not agreeing with something someone says does not mean you are enemies to that someone. A lot of people can’t figure that out tho…

From an ethical standpoint the only true good that exists is to act in accordance and paying respect to the human truth. Which is that the human being is emotional, rational, perfectionable, mortal, fragile, spiritualist, impulsive… amongst others you might research on your own. A man dying is only normal. A man killing himself is either the cause of a mental disease that deserves attention, or that of a flaw in logic in which your conciousness mistakenly concludes that if you can not be as perfect as you’d like to, then you’re a burden. Nazis did not respect the human truth for they believed some people to be more privileged than others. So that regime was bad.

In all honesty, you did not need a complex explaination for something somore obvious but I’m happy to help whenever I can.


But if the Nazi party succeeded in wiping out anyone who opposed them, nobody would be unhappy (just dead), therefore everybody alive is happy, and a great victory has been achieved.

(also, some people are more privileged than others, I find it hard to believe that a poor Indian woman will be as successful as a rich white American man)


Did they removed the Ability to play mission after mission, without going to the menue??


They never had it


i havent played for a while, but i thought they added this feature with the goty update? i can clearly remember it, or am i senile?


only in patient zero missions


ah okay…cant understand why this isnt possible in the normal and Sarajevo Six Campaign!



How are the effects of the “bomb cyclone” where you’re at? Anything really crazy?


I’m in New Hampshire, so I got a nice view of it.Yesterday I didn’t have to work because my store was closed thanks to the storm, but luckily, I get paid for snow days. Honestly looking out the window, the storm reminded me of Hidden Valley from Hitman 2 lol, but man it was a beautiful sight. I love it when it snows.

The things that suck about it - brutally fucking cold, I stepped outside this morning and holy shit, it felt like I was being suffocated by the wind, ice is everywhere and I’m clumsy as fuck so that’s great.

Still wouldn’t want to live in a place like California or Florida where it’s constantly hot, I’ll stay here in the north east.

“Bomb Cyclone” is such a weird name for it though.


Nothing crazy more annoying. I’ve had to snow blow the same spot 3 times and I need to do it again because of the winds and snow drifts that are covering the driveway. Lol

Here in N.J. they are saying -17 wind chill tomorrow morning and I have to work so I get to experience that. I am thankful for working indoors at least in a warm kitchen. I’ve had my share of off premise parties working off a truck in the bitter cold!

Between a 16” snowfall, wind that feels like your face is literally going to fall off and clearing the driveway repeatedly all I can say is “Fuck You” Bomb cyclone! You da Bomb NOT!


Well we got a bit of snow here, but nothing too crazy. Most of it is actually gone, didn’t really stick that much. On my way home from work yesterday driving, I slid a bit on some black ice :flushed:

luckily I got control of the wheel again and I’m still alive, obviously lol but yeah, not really too too bad here, it’s just cold AF!! Thankfully this is my weekend off so I ain’t leaving my house unless absolutely necessary. The wind chill is ridiculous man! -13 tomorrow according to the forecast. Glad I’m off


@Mads47 can you recomment Battlefront 2? its 50% on Sale in the Playstation Store, and i’m not sure if its worth, but i had lots of fun with BF1…


Yes and no. For obvious reasons the game is broken after they removed the option to pay for loot boxes. There is a lot of grinding and getting new weapons takes time. They are locked behind kills, 50, 200 and 500 kills.

That said I find it easy to unlock heroes, getting credits is easy. There are a lot of challenges some give credits and other loot boxes, you have to claim each challenges inside the menu. These challenges are ties to all aspects of the game. Watch a YouTube video on the subject, because it took me some time to find out I had 10-15k I hadn’t claimed

But i have a lot of fun with the game after getting some weapons that I actually like. Hero vs Villains is extremely fun and so is space combat.

The game does a lot of things right…but it also got it’s share of problems.

@MrOchoa I would say 50% is worth it or at least taking a chance on the game, it’s a game i can always fall back to, when i have nothing to play. The game modes gives a lot of variety, all from flying, big battle, small battles and hero combat.


Allright, i’ll give it a try. its almost impossible to find a review or rating for this game that isnt overshadowed with this lootbox-affair.

the only heroes i care about are Bossk, Fett and Palpatine in BF1, the rest isnt that good.


Most reviews are very biased, not that the lootbox scandal isn’t a big deal, but it removes a lot focus from what the game does right, especially when it’s user reviews. I don’t concern myself about user opinions on controversial games, not that EA didn’t deserve the negative attention. But a game like HITMAN got a lot of shit for being episodic and Always Online, most negative Steam User reviews was all about those two factors, nothing objective or constructive.


Anybody knows if the Colombian Levels were ever planned to be made in Hitman Contracts?


Probably not given their inpopularity. Also, they wouldn’t fit Contracts atmosphere (dark and gritty) and the level design wich is smaller when compared to Codename:47.


Thanks, i’m asking because there are some missing numbers in the game folders, which probably were additional missions.