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Imagine infiltrating Pablos Camp in a rainy night, searchlights from the Watchtowers - that shit would have been awesome! i dont need Remakes of Finding the Uwa Tribe and the Jungle God, but a Remake of Say Hello to my little Friend would be a wet dream come true!


I’m sensing strong Ground Zeroes vibes plus 47 still has to learn to crawl.:rofl:


That’s on the remake list! :wink: and exactly how you think :smiley:


HMF, I need your help. Is anyone able to translate this?

EDIT: Finally found the translation, its simply Tokyo.


I know I’m replying to my own post but I just wanted to update everyone it’s 60° today. What a swing in temperature.


Does anyone know how large one location could be or what’s the maximum limit?
For example, could a location be as twice as big as Sapienza or Colorado?


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What stuff is coming out in the future for Hitman 2016? Is there anything confirmed?


Nothing has been confirmed yet. At least not to my knowledge.


Well, Season 2 has been confirmed but we got nothing specific.


We’re just playing the waiting game…


IOI did say they were working on a new game, but they might just mean season 2, or it might have been a translation error (I doubt they’d make a whole new game under the circumstances)


They were trying something related to Unreal Engine, did that lead to anything?


I don’t remember seeing anything about that, but it might have been before I started avidly checking their twitter and this forum (sometime about may)


Well considering this game does have lots of bugs that seem to be impossible to get rid of so they could be redoing it from the start again making it a new game.

I’d rather they take their time and give us a game without wallhacks than release earlier and then deal with the same bugs that can’t seem to be fixed.


Hello forum members. Yesterday i posted a ‘funny’ video kinda similar to what is going on in my life, thought i might ask for some advise here.

I want to be a video game designer, want to learn the trade and craft and i want to become a part of the Industry. In my country, India, you’ll have billion dollar compaines, IT startups and what-not but there’s still not a major impact laid down by the indian gaming industry.

I’ve completed my under grad and got my degree of BBA, now its MBA for a ‘better’ salary package, placement, job position etc.

I just want to tell my parents that, i want to be a game designer. I’m not trying to be a misunderstood genius who breaks boundaries but i just want to do what i love. I wont care if my salary is less than my friend X who has done an MBA, as long as i am happy and enjoy what i do.

The things that i am afraid of/ want to ask you guys is:

  1. How can i convince my parents? If they ask for what are the future prospects if i pursue a degree in game designing rather than MBA.

  2. Has anybody had a similar experience? Can you help?

  3. If you/your friend/known associate is in the gaming industry, what are the future prospects? Salary?

Please help guys, thanks.


I have such a project as an hobby too, but I am far away from really get it done without obtaining a solid base of scripting skills.
Anyway, I dont know your parents, but if thats what you really want to do, you should stick to it and argue in that way. Also you can mention that the game industry is growing strong atm. In the US the market grew by two-digit percent last year if I remember it correctly.

At what? Designing games? The best way would decide which way you want to go. Mobile games or console/pc games. Find a beginner friendly engine and stick to it’s community. Train your programming skills with the language these engines use.

I know one who does it as a hobby and has no income. If you go solo you wont earn anything until you have something to release. If I were you I would do small games to learn it and one medium sized game to use it as an application for a job at a studio. I suspect the chance is higher this way compared to come up with “only” programming skills unrelated to games.


Thanks for replying my man. Right now my team and I (also members of the HMF) we’re making hitman remake. I’m the level designer, know a bit about scripting, cinematic etc. But i’m always ready to learn more.

My main goal is finding a good gaming institute that teaches me all the skills and can provide a placement opportunity.

My parents are prerty open and chill but they are very serious about my future like any parent would. They just want that i get a decent job, have an sufficient educational qualifications so i can get good jobs easily, i can pay my bills, afford a nice lifestyle etc.

MBA or a degree in game designing is not a free pass, as if i’d get any job or any salary. It all depends upon my skills, knowledge, marks.

I just want to know, if i go abroad to study, will i get a decent return on investment? Future opportunities etc.


You could. It’s definitely a possibility,I’ve seen far worst people make it into the business. Look at the ME:Andromeda Dev team.
But ultimately nobody truly knows. Could also flop. The only thing that is true is that instead of slaving away doing a job you don’t want to do,by pursuing your dreams you’d work with what you love,and it’s better than any ammount of money. At a certain point,you have to start answering your own questions. CAN you make it? Do you have the patience? The time? The desire? The talent? Do you think that pursuing your dreams is worth a shot? Because I think it is and that you can make it by working hard enough. I always followed my dreams. You should do the same. Life is too short to waste it doing some shit we don’t like until we are old as hell and cannot enjoy life anymore.
Your parents will understand. And if they don’t,you shouldn’t even have this conversation. You need to convince yourself,not anyone else. It’s your future and your decisions. You are a grown man and you can choose what you want in your life. Their preoccupation is nice because they care,but they never should be stopping you from chasing what you love.
Now,salary varies depending on the game’s popularity of course and on how big of an asset you are through quality and experience. They afaik don’t pay monthly but in advanced. I’ve heard of devs get hundreds of thousands. There is good money,really,there is,but it takes desire to do what it takes to emerge.


Thanks my man :sunny: