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Hey I know we Have few Serbs here So What you Guys think about Kosova?


What do I think of Kosovo?

Yugoslavia splitting in the 90s was probably the worst thing that ever happened to Serbians. We lost our lands so you can imagine all the nationalistic Serbians being angry (and to this day, still angry.) about that. In 2008 when we lost Kosovo, you can imagine how pissed off Serbians were at this.

Now my opinion on the matter, as a Serbian living in Canada. I personally don’t care what happens to the fate of my country, I’ve grown to not to care for something I have little control in quite frankly. I see all of my Serbian “buddies” protesting in facebook about “kosovo je srbija” so many times it actually led me to deleting/blocking them because of how nationalistic they are.

I mean many people will wonder why I’m to cold-hearted/ignorant toward the fate of my country. But the truth is borders change throughout history, Look at Crimea in 2014, it just goes to show the world is still evolving. Personally I don’t see the point of continuously protesting something that has happened so many years ago.

It’s just how I feel, I’m very sure other Serbians think differently about the situation. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t disagree more with your perspective. As a Venezuelan and as a Spanish, I will voice protest against the UK for the claims on Guyana and Gibralthar. I’m not pitchforking on the street, I am spreading awareness. Thus I consider it to be ok and I find it offensive that you block people out of something as important to me as national pride.


I completely understand why you disagree with my perspective. But the truth is that I despise excessively nationalistic/patriotic people, especially those who have been brainwashed by their parents to share their idealistic views. (which most Balkan parents do to their children sadly.)

The matter is all the Serbians I’ve blocked hold share a disgusted/hatred view on Albanians, Croatians and Bosnians. I’m not about that life, I don’t blindly hate people for their nationalistically, it’s morally and ethically wrong.

I do apologize I got you offended. I wasn’t trying to upset anyone, it’s just what I experienced and how I feel about it. :slight_smile:


I can totally understand why Serbs are angry about Kosova(I hate Separatism) But that is Just disgusting


Don’t confuse nationalism with National pride.


I’m guessing either you figured it out, or realised that that could be taken out of context :smirk:


What the …?!



20 chrctrs


it might surprise you but the issue here is not about nationalism but religion.


My best friend is Albanian and his ex girlfriend of 3 years was Serbian :smiley:
They pretty much loved each other a lot. His family accepted her, she went to his house very often and slept over quite a lot plus invites to eat over with them. Her family instead… Dad not so happy that her daughter is in a relationship with an Albanian.
When they broke up her father was incredibly happy and some time later this girl found a Moldavian boy to start a new relation. I remember a comment of her father on facebook “This is fine as long as he’s not Albanian”.

Any way, my favorite prank to do on them was ask “So, what country was Kosovo again?” and watch them fight :heart_eyes:
Of course the fight lasted a couple of minutes, but in a soft way joking most of the the conversation.


Okay, I got a question for @Expert. Is your native language something other than English? I notice in the way that you type it sounds a bit peculiar.

(not insulting you, just simply curious)


He’s French. And I think he uses Google Translate to read and compose posts.


Whoever does that, check out this translator, it seems to work ten times better:


Holy shit! Just translated some complex Dutch sentences, and the results are indeed very accurate!


Anybody hear from @FantumX lately? He hasn’t been seen on the forum since January 11th. That’s unlike him, he’s usually very active on here. Hope he’s okay.


Maybe he finally got A life🤔(Sorry I could not resist) but yeah hopefully he is doing fine


Haha yeah, “A New Life” lol

Nah, I was just wondering. He used to be very active and I’ve noticed I haven’t heard from him in a while. I miss my “kool-aid” buddy lol come on @FantumX give us a shout, let us know you’re good :slight_smile:


i hope hes just to busy banging his girlfriend! Really hope hes okay, hes a fine Person.