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He has a family right?Probably just adulthood and work. It happens,maybe he just doesn’t feel like “hitmanning” as of late. I’m sure he is fine.


If only you could take your own advice. :thinking:


No offense taken but my main reason for ‘ASKING’ an advise here was,

  1. There are devs at IO or even forum members that might be in the gaming industry, so i might get some guidance from them.
  2. You might have got your life together but i’m still trying to make a path for myself by doing something what i love, not something that is a usual way out for young adults like me (doing MBA and then working in a firm)
  3. In my city you can find a ton of IT firms, software devs, bankers etc but gaming industry is a very niche area, so i don’t have anyone to ask/get guidance from.
  4. Instead of posting memes all day or just random comments, its good to ask such questions here, cuz some folks here have become buddies of mine.
  5. I suppose you’ve never been to a job interview where you are interviewed by 5 top level managers, who want an individual to possess a multitude of skills. Even after my BBA/MBA i can be a part of the managerial/marketing aspect of a game company adding more weight to my resume.
  6. I know nobody will help a random stranger in this cruel world but its good to ask for some advise from my fellow mates here, so there’s that.


That’s the point. You are just relying on asking here than take efforts to get infoation. I am not mad because you are asking it here, but it is that you are not taking efforts to know more yourselves. Internet has everything on it to read. Eeeeeevvveeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyything.

@Speaker I suppose you replied to wrong post or am I missing something.

@immadummee47 . (That’s what you get, yes it’s a dot)


It’s funny cuz that’s all you can offer…a dot. lol.
Just further proves You’re completely irrelevant. Don’t preach what you don’t practice, otherwise you’re just as much the fool, perhaps more so, because you “seem” to know better, which again, I reiterate, makes you irrelevant.


I am irrelevant. Are you happy now?


A reminder. I made this thread so people can ask anything, whether it be something small or even life advice. The title kind of says it all.
I personally found this site as a way to open my self up to others and wanted to give people the same opportunity. Not saying theres anything wrong with people sharing their opinions, but when you say this is the wrong place to ask a question when the title literally says “Ask HMF Anything”, it just comes off as rude, for lack of a better word.


I miss that Daffy Duck-logo appearing every now and then…


You’re not irrelevant to me, but to yourself, because this is what you “prefer” to do with your life. Take what you want from it, but maybe you should look in the mirror and take your own advice, if you’re capable at that in the first place.


Just notice this. Normally he was one of the first to like my post on the Silverballer replica.
I’m more concerned about Kyle @TheOneWhoKnocks I haven’t seen him in almost a year a now.


While I couldn’t agree more with the vast majority of what you have expressed here regarding the very poor time and place for the question and it being more appropiate as a vent than as a legitimate life advice; this comes super off from the same person who made a thread asking help on a science paper. I am afraid to say that while your points are good, your moral highground is non-existant.


The science paper was fake and he trolled all who voted.


Oh yeah! I remember him too. He used to be EXTREMELY active on here. I have him on PS4 but haven’t really noticed how active he been, I’d have to check. But yeah, I’m sure both are okay, just would be nice to hear for sure




Hey, somebody with the skills…
I won’t have my laptop for a while…
Or anyone else…

can you make this photo with 47’s shirt ‘plain white’ and a ‘solid red tie’ Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :slightly_smiling_face:



A question about xbox one family share.
You can share digital games as well as xbox live/ xbox live gold with family share.
But to you need xbox live/ gold for activating family share? Because me and my friend want to buy it after we activated family share, after we linked our accounts.
(Edit: I already searched for an answer on google, couldn’t find anything about it)


(that’s not an edit)


What do you mean with “not an edit”? I called it “edit” because I edited my post after posting it, I added more information.


Probably that it’s not listed as an edit on the top left corner of your post. It still is, just that you were quick about it for the site to list it as one.


You don’t need gold to family share.