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A true masterpiece… Beautiful! :joy:


Higher quality i think i have is 1280x720.


Alright, no problem that should be fine!




i really miss the loadingscreens, is there a reason why they are missing since Blood Money @Travis_IOI ? Really curious about it.


Second to that. I asked about it a while back but with no luck. Now that i think of it, didn’t the HITMAN alpha had something similar?


Thank you very much @Purist this looks great!

And yeah, I 3rd that haha I really do miss the loading screens.


Your welcome, i think it’s miles away from @FrankFuchs perfection but i’ll do. :rofl:


Hi all,

This may seem like an odd request… but what the hell. I have a new vid in the pipeline and would like to acquire some ‘drone style’ footage of Sapienza. However, I don’t have Hitman on PC, which means I cannot access the ‘Free Cam’ mod. Rather than purchasing the PC version of Hitman just so I can obtain the footage, I was wondering if any Hitman PC player with the mod out there would be happy to shoot some for me (doesn’t have to be anything special - only about a minutes worth)? I’d love to have some drone shots of the church, beach, alley ways and Caruso’s mansion. You could upload it to Youtube as an unlisted video, PM me the link and then I could simply download it. You would of course receive a credit in the video description and a shout out in the video itself for your efforts. Any takers per chance?

This might give you an idea of what I’m after:

Peace x


Hey, please don’t lynch me, but I haven’t bought the GOTY-edition of Hitman yet. I had a quick question before purchasing; do the costumes and the weapons immediately appear in your inventory, or do you have to reach a certain level of mastery first?


Those suits do, but to unlock the weapons you have to complete escalations; each of the weapons has their own.




The Escalations for the Weapons are really good, they are fun to play!


Oh, so that’s why there’s a mob outside my house, I should get onto that


jokes on them. already at a safehouse


Hey, not sure exactly where to ask this, but I figured here might be the place: If you kill a target in a non-accidental manner (snapping neck, fibre wire, etc) and then dump the body over a ledge that would kill them - Such as Dahlia Margolis’ balcony, into the sea of people - does the kill count as accidental? Because, from anyone’s point of view it would look like she simply fell of the balcony, not killed before

Thanks in advance


Falling from a building without screaming? Seems legit.


Unfortunately not, I would like this feature, even thought the autopsy reports will find out how she was killed.


Well, with the AI these days, it seems likely


Hey HMF!

Question to anyone here…
I been searching the Internet for some time now, trying to find a stopwatch similar to the one shown in one of the HITMAN trailers, but no luck.

Here is a screenshot of it…

Anyone know a brand on which it may be based off of? Or if you know of one that looks very similar? Any info is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks guys!


Just a quick question, I notice that some people’s avatars here are cartoony versions of (what I think are) themselves (YourGudBudNel, MrOchoa, etc). I’ve also seen it on youtube and some other websites, and I was wondering if it was something I don’t know about (the only thing I can think of is that it might be tied to International Women’s day).

Sorry for being out of the loop