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They are made by @Beldingford you can read about why here :grinning::


Haven’t you learned anything from me? If it’s not on the market, create it!


Lmao honestly, I did consider it. I was just wondering if anyone may have found one, or one similar before I would do that. Certain stopwatchs can be expensive, but creating one to replicate the above would no doubt be a lot. Just wanted to make sure before I went that direction.


Definitely an uncommon stopwatch. Haven’t seen anything like it. Also,clearly expensive,it looks so classy.
I say,go the way our mentor @badeaguard tought us and build it yourself damnit. Show that watch who’s daddy.


This is a very specific observation if an intentionally generic design… I think @Simon_IOI used to work on that area so maybe he knows what it was modeled from. However I do not know if he checks the site anymore so maybe @Julien_IOI can help?

Other than that, this is as close as Google will take me. Not much else I can do.



Alright well I’ll look more into it, regardless. Thanks a lot for your help guys! I appreciate it.


I think I found something that might interest you

Any way, search for custom watch builder or similar things.


This is great man, thanks! I’ll look more into them. However, I would like to see if they could do an actual ‘stopwatchs’ and not a wristwatch. Like how it’s shown in the above screenshot.

The reason I wanted one is because I wanted to make a little memento for myself, in honor of the Elusive Targets.

If you look at the ET tabs in the game. They all look like a “swipe Card” I actually wanted to get them printed on actual plastic, like your standard size debit or credit card.

Something like this…

Then print all 26 cards with the front like this…

Then on the back, have all the details for each. Release Date, Time that was available and when it ended etc…

Along with the mission briefing and the targets INTEL

Then I wanted to connect all of them on a beaded lanyard with the Stopwatch, which obviously would represent them.

Like I said; just a little keepsake for me since I beat all of them with SA and literally only played them once.


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Is there a dedicated thread for Agent 47’s faces along the entire series? I’ve seen something similar with the barcode.


I have a favor and anyone that can do it, I would very much appreciate it. (I don’t have my PC so I ain’t able to do it myself, or else I would)

But if someone could please get me screenshots of all the Hitman 2 Target Photo’s like this, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!


Just @ me to whoever can do it when they can. Thanks again!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, would somebody please tell me why everybody wants something coloured in, or some photos taken?
Is there some sort of cult for 47 that I don’t know about!?


Also, another question while I’m here; what do the red dots mean at the end of some forum topics?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for double posting


New topics, previously discourse showed the “new” word.



(Please tag anyone else you can think of who is good at things like this :slightly_smiling_face:)

I’m currently trying to make a “ICA File” style page layout. I’m having trouble deciding how I want it exactly and was hoping maybe some of you could give it a shot, adding your own touch to it.

I really want it like this…(sorry for bad quality)

But I would like to have (in the boxes) as follows… (I still want to keep the bottom “OVERVIEW” part, however.)






Trying to make it “fit” perfectly as shown in the photo.

(Or any other info for the targets that you find important to add)

Thanks guys, I hope someone can help!


I know I asked this before in the past, but does anyone know what happened to @FantumX ?

He’s been gone for a while now (Jan 11th) and no word. That’s really not like him, he was very active in the past and I’m sure if he was going to take a break from the forum, he was the type that would have said something prior.

I’m legitimately concerned, I always liked him. Anybody in contract with him? PSN or Facebook even? I would just like to know if he’s ok


Sadly, I have no idea. The best you can do is send a PM and hope he or someone receives it in a email.


Yeah I think I’ll do that. I hope he responds, I’d just like to know he’s alright…


if he is not ok what does it change in your life?