Ask HMF Anything


A rather heartless question to ask, don’t you think?


Really man…? That’s very uncalled for.


I’m wondering too. No one has him on facebook?
I have his home address (he send me a package a year ago) and I’m thinking to send a post card asking how is he.

I’m starting to get worried since he left without saying a word or make a post about it.

But also, any one knows where Kyle is? @TheOneWhoKnocks
Last activity was in Feb. 2017


That’s a great idea @badeaguard if you wouldn’t mind, you should send him a post card, that would be really nice. Let him know we are all thinking about him on HMF and hopefully he gets back to ya.

And yeah, I remember Kyle, he was a cool dude. I actually have him as a friend on PS4 but I haven’t been on lately myself. However, when I did see him last on PS4 it said he wasn’t active recently as of then.


I have him too and even spoke with him. What was his id? Just tell me the first 4 letters. I don’t have many friend on ps4.

An I will send as soon as possible the post card.


Oh man, to be honest I really don’t remember, I would have to check. I’ll try to remember to check it when I get home later. I’ll get back to you on that one :slightly_smiling_face:

And sounds good man, I really hope he gets back to ya. Tell him AGENT4T7 said what up “Kool-Aid” hahaha he will know what that means :wink:


Just saw this, you still need it? I think i can work something out.

Also could anybody upload pics of 47 wearing the Freedom FIghters DLC outfit? Just need a full body and a close up on his face and torso.


What’s up, man?
Yes, if you don’t mind, I could still use it. I would really appreciate your skills with this :smiley:

Also, I apologize but I didn’t get Hitman’s definitive edition so I don’t have the Freedom Phantom suit. Otherwise I would have been glad to gather you some screenshots. This is the best I can do unfortunately…


Busy with work these past days.
Alright i’ll get it done.

No worries, thanks for the pic, would loved if IO released a standalone full body promo pic of the suit but is nowhere to be found unfortunately. I’m gonna search yt videos and see if i can find some shots.


Alright man cool! I look forward to seeing it, Thanks for your help. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more use in return :confused: Lol
Okay, good luck with it, hope you find what you’re looking for!


Not mine but it has some great ideas, in my opinion. What do you guys think about this?


It’ll be cool as a lobby or something just like in BM but I don’t think it fits with the general gameplay of 2016, at least for S1. Maybe not directly an actual setting in-game but I guess it can work as a huge revamp of the menu we actually have (like the Contracts mode showing 47’s desk with pics of various targets or similar). Still, I nvever payed attention to the safehouse in BM outside an Easter Egg.


I personally love the idea of the main screen being a “safe house” in between missions. I highly doubt we will ever see this, however. But I share an idea anyway…

Maybe even being able to customize your own “safe house” (which would mean a money system in the game) being able to purchase items such as;

  • furniture
    “weapon wall racks” ranging from very cheap looking (low cost) to very luxury/ elegant looking ones (high cost)

  • Briefing screen TV’s / Computers.

  • Different variety of desks and chairs. Carpet designs / rugs.

  • Wall art / posters (literally anything) maybe even Easter egg references from past Hitman titles.

Things like that…
and what would make it cool is that you (the player) could walk around this customized safe house in first person view.

Perfect example for what I’m talking about. (However, picture “Hitman” related items instead of the wrestling things lol)

The “WWE logos” would be the ICA Merces Letifer logo in the purchase screen…



You forgot pets.


Well that fits in the categories I was going for lol that is a good idea as well. Choose a canary or rabbit lol

But yeah, I highly doubt this will ever happen, although I would absolutely LOVE if they made it how it’s shown in the video I posted above.

An interactive, customizable safe house. :ok_hand:


I would definitively like this. Maybe pre-sets with main mission themed, like a Paris loft where you can see the palace in the distance, one in the inner city of Sapienza, one in a village you can see in Hokkaido and so on. Having only one hideout on the globe was something that bothered me in BM.


Yeah definitely, 47 would need more than one hideout. I mean I know he can always fly but still… Always taking a plane back to the hideout after every mission seems ridiculous lol

Then again, it’s just a game after all haha. I just would really like this idea a lot. The player can always customize it differently every now and then to make it seem like it’s in a different location :laughing:




All right man! This is great! This will work just fine, thanks again for doing it. Nice work :+1:


Hey @ingrobny how did you come up with your name?