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While we’re at questioning poeple, hey @Urben, what’s your profile picture? It looks like a green version of the red hood (the joker before he was joker)


Yeah thats right. I kind of adopted him as an alter ego. I kind of like how he stumbled into what he turned out to be. Also as he appears faceless, I turned him green to resemble green anon as I hang out on imageboards for a real long time now.
I use alot of pseudonyms online and decided to not go too much into details as “Urben”, but putting some mysteries around it is something I really enjoy. :slight_smile: And “Green Hood” is fitting just perfectly.


That’s a very neat story behind your avatar you got there! I kinda wish I had the creativity for something like that. But I’m the “my avatar is there because it looks cool” guy usually!


It’s just words or letters put together, i’m not very creative when it comes to usernames :joy:.


Let me tell you,uncreative>cringy. If I had a coin everytime I see “XxKillerSlayerMurderProXxx1259”/“ShadowAssassinSniper”


There are so many names containing “xX” “shadow” and “killer”/“hunter” - just terrible.


you forgot “Maverick“ and “Bouncer“


And “Fire”
And can we just take a second to mention the game-related names? And I don’t mean game characters,nono,that is perfectly fine,a game character is something that sticks right?I mean GAME-NAMES. It can possibly be saved,if done correctly. But when it’s yearly games or extremely mainstream ones? Like “Fifa20729” OR “GTAVPROPLAYER”…or…god forbid…“CODNoobSlayer69”
What are you gonna do when GTA V doesn’t exist anymore?When GTA VI comes out?When you play ANY other game?
I mean,I love The Witcher 3 but you don’t see my accounts named “Witcher3Expert”.
Also the ones that name themselves “scuf-something” or that put clan related names in their account…when they are not part of the clan.


I met a guy who’s Xbox gamer tag was Iliveonwelfare. Definitely creative.


Hello all,

I need some advice. There’s a girl at my school who is really attractive, and she looks like my type. I can’t stop thinking about her, but the problem is that I don’t know her at all. I’ve never spoken to her, and she also doesn’t know who I am.
I want to get to know her, but I don’t know what I should do. I keep telling myself that I should go talk to her, but when I see her, I get too scared. I also have no idea what I should say to her.
Do you guys know what’s the best thing to do in this situation? :pensive:


Have confidence in yourself. What’s the worst thing that could happen? At least if you fail, you know you tried and the next time this sort of thing happens, you’ll be more confident.


Looks like you need @badeaguard


@Platypus :joy::rofl: In the last year I’ve been reject 10 out of10 times.
By a coworker my age, by my 40 years old coworker who told me that maybe in the next life, by a girl I met by a friend who worked at an ice cream shop, by a pothead girl who told me “You’re cute but I want to fuck with (name of a coworker of mine)” and so on it continues.

My last relationship was back in 2016 and from there I found some one easy here and there, but nothing to stay in a relationship.
What may give the impression that I know how to behave in this situations is that I reached a point where I don’t care any more and just go for it. Or as I like to say "Instead of making fantasies in my head about what could happen, I’ll make move and see what is going to happen"

I don’t know what to say. If I were you I’ll go to her and just say Hi, what’s your name?, I have notice you for a while, would you like to have a coffe with me? and so on.
Just go for it. I did learn from my mistakes and others that if you somehow don’t show your true interest or make yourself clear she will see you more and more as a friend.
So if you decide in time to make a move after a couple of dates and it’s a no. Let it a no and try to move on.
With time I became friendzone immune :sweat_smile:. I talked with this 40 yrs coworker of mine till 4 in the morning some days ago. Never done that, we had so much to talk about and at some point she told me “You know, you can become my best friend”.
I told her strict “Sorry but I’m not your friend”. This happen a lot to me and every time I get the same reaction of surprise about my response. Like in their mind is “What the…” and I think it drives them mad somehow.
Any way she of course asked “Then what are we” and I just replied “I’m the one who’s waiting to arrive at your age” and other talks like that. It got me nowhere. But for me is some kind of small victory.

Do the same with her if you arrive at the point to take her out and she pulls the we’re friend card.
Unfortunately my advise ends here. I’m 26 and still haven’t figured out when it’s the best time to try for a kiss.
Normally I would take her to some breathtaking place and wait for a “passionate” look in her eyes that tell’s me NOW IS OK TO TRY. But if I don’t catch that look and see that is going nowhere I’m a very direct person and would just ask something like “Tell me. Am I getting delusional in believing that there could be something between us”.
I still have to try this with this 40 yrs coworker of mine. But can’t get to make that atmosphere yet.

Then there are guys who just go for it like that and I envy them in their success.

Any way, don’t be shy, be a man and go for it and don’t mind if after she laughs, says no or something similar. You had the courage to do it and i should give you a lot of confidence with the next one. But if she also likes you or wants to give you a chance then things become easier.

One last thing. If you invite her out and she has an excuse for every time. This is a clear sign that she’s not interested.
I had some girls that would wake up at 6 in the morning just to pass some time with me before going to work while I was finishing.


Well if we’re talking about this sort of stuff, I might as well ask a question I can’t figure out; How do you… show affection I guess, because I’ve never been a tactile person, yet I’m with a girl now (Well, kind of with, it’s complicated; We like each other (We’ve told each other that we do) yet we’re not actually dating, it’s weird) and I just don’t know when or how to show affection, I’m always worried that if I do, then it’ll be unwanted. I’m also really worried that the time when we like each other will pass, and nothing will have come from it because we’re both too shy to make any proper moves.

Thanks for reading my ramblings


Most of your fears are easily fixed by actually doing the deed. You said that she showed signs of interest. She is single. She likes you,she told you that. Your fear of rejection is natural,but have you ever thought of what happens if that actually occurs?Nothing. She says no,you say that you’re sorryshe says something along the lines of “we can still be friends/don’t be sorry” and you move on. Stalling,instead,accomplishes nothing. You actually risk more doing nothing. You risk her being tired of you,altogether! But most importantly,you are getting yourself hurt by waiting. You are denying yourself happiness for the fear of a two-letter-word called “No”.
Want to know how to show affection?Whenever. Affection doesn’t mean romanticism. Not at all. It just shows that you care.
Make your move.
She says no?You learn from your mistakes,get over it in a bit,and be fine and gain knowledge that can help you next time.
She says yes?You are in an happy relationship.
Sounds win-win. Stalling sounds lose-lose.


Well put @HiddenValleyLover I totally agree. Just go for it @soundwAve you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! Best of luck to ya!


I’m not sure who to ask, and this question alone seems too trivial for a topic by itself… So I was playing a contract, and kept trying to shoot a scooter by the last target, I’d shoot it around or below the seat… Since that seems to be the spot to shoot and make it leak so it can be shot again. It was with the Kreugermier if it makes any difference. I had to turn the effing thing into Swiss-cheese before it’d blow up! Or maybe I just wasn’t actually hitting it in the right spot. Quite annoying. The only other way to get him was with a PT… I’d toss that and he’d look back towards my direction, so I couldn’t even shoot it again without getting spotted.

Or maybe I need to be on higher ground so I can shoot the oil puddle, instead of being on the same level… I couldn’t even see the puddle if there was one.


I once had problem with a scooter too. But it was like 100m away and I had to aim on pixels. When getting closer the thing looked like this:


Scooters are weird sometimes.


It’s because, like @Urben says, scooters can be pretty specific with it’s bullet detection to cause an oil leak. It’s better to use a any of the ICA19s (better the Silverballer because it’s hair trigger feature) and point exactly at where the prompt to cause the oil leak appears (exactly the spot where you can manually cause it when using a wrench). Take in count this varies a lot in other places, like in Marrakesh, where the motorcycles are even harder to cause an oil leak because of diferent position of it’s prompt to cause the leak.


Okay. When I was in Hitman Wikia. I saw that Klaus Liebleid was written to be 42 years old.

Do anybody have some kind of proof (like a picture or conversation) to indicate that or what I saw was a bunch of bollocks?