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Dunno but such stuff is often shown in the briefing video or target text, did you check that?


I checked both of them, none of them indicate that.


So today was my last chance to talk to this girl, but I just couldn’t do it. I guess my fear of talking to girls is too big. I’m sure it’s no surprise when I say I’ve never had a girlfriend before (and I’m 25). Now I wonder if I’ll ever be able to approach girls at all, let alone get a girlfriend… Right now, I feel like shit, and like I wanna give up on life. It’s just too difficult for me. :disappointed:


I’m so sorry to hear that. I understand indeed that there is a huge problem when facing these decisions.
Only thing I can suggest is to not give a f**** next time. Just go for it. Let the words come out of your mouth by their own.
Go some evening out with friends, have some drinks and let the alcohol do the talking for you. It’s a stupid idea but for most time it really does the trick.


Hmm…maybe practice by trying to talk to a girl you don’t like before talking to the next girl you do like? Might help ease some of the anxiety.


I’m the worse to give advice mostly because i’m on the same boat as you if not worse (i’m 26) and i’ve experienced the same thoughts when i haven’t done nothing. I can assure you that this is a temporary situation, you’ll come across other girls that you’ll probably like the same or more, just don’t loose hope, learn from this and prepare for next time.


I know it’s easier said than done but, you just gotta say “the hell with it” and just go for it. Just go for it man!!

If you’re truly interested in a particular girl, you just gotta roll the dice. You won’t know until you try. What’s the worst that can happen? You get rejected… if that happens, then it just wasn’t meant to be, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

woah, that rhymes. Must be true! :joy:

It’s better to be interested and try and to get rejected, rather than being interested and not doing anything and always being left with the
“what if?”

You only live once my man and your time is NOW!


Saying “it’s just too difficult for me,I can’t do it” doesn’t help your cause. You say that you cannot do it because you never even tried in the first place,so what do you do?You do what most people also do in your place. You mistake inactivity and inability. You are not “unable” to talk to girls. You simply thought that you are not attractive enough,your self esteem is low and so you say "I’ll just back off for now ". Then days,weeks,months go by and you keep saying “nono,not now,next time,when the time is right’”. Right now you gave up. We live in a shitty world,people stomping on each other,pissing others off,discrimination,fights,terrorism,and amidst all of this you are going to push,of all people you could do it to,yourself AKA the only person you HAVE to spend your life with. Forever. Doesn’t seem to smart. I’m sure you are a nice guy,you probably did lots of favours to others,so see it this way,you are doing the most important person of your life a favour. You are giving him a chance to be happy and be himself and try. You can do that or you can live in fear and anxiety of things that might happen,but that most likely won’t happen. Fears are False Evidence Appearing Real. Most of your fears translate to an unticlimatic dumbed down version. So what do you do? You pull yourself up now,because no one else,listen to me, NO ONE else will pull you up but yourself,because nobody else can. You pull yourself up,and you learn from this. And next time,when you realize that YOU deserve a chance and that you are letting a two-letter-word dictate your life,you think to yourself “is it really worth it to live like this because of “no” ?” and then go for it. I cannot help you more than this,nor can anyone else really. You are the only boss of yourself that makes the decisions,and realize that you need to make the difficult but right one. And that better be soon. Because life is short,and it’s running out.
See rejections as experience to improve if that happens. And when you succeed you will thank yourself for giving you a chance.
To quote a bald angry and muscular god slayer “Don’t be sorry,be better”. You can be who you want to be. It’s as simple as that. Put in work to improve your appearance if you are not satisfied,but do something. Don’t wait.


@immadummee47 (I believe it was you) I was looking in the Hitman screenshots thread, trying to find the photo you posted of 47 in his signature suit W/gloves tossing Erich Soders’ heart, but I can’t seem to find it. Do you still have it by chance? If so, can you send it to me please. I currently can’t take screenshots on my PS4


Not sure I’ve ever posted such photo unless it was something different about it. Was it just the standard cutscene where he grabs and tosses it in the trash? I can take a screen shot for you tm. I just went offline doing the et.


Yup just the standard cutscene of him tossing it. The heart wasn’t totally in his hand, but was still in the picture and he was in his signature suit with gloves. I could have sworn it was you who posted it, but I could be wrong. Regardless, yeah that would be great man, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Which,btw,if you had a girlfriend who plays videogames,would make a killer St. Valentine’s “I’m giving you my heart” card. Just saying


I’m married haha
But yes that is a cool idea


Yeah I remember,what I don’t remember is if she games! I mean,you should totally quote me on the idea if you give her one.
BTW how is your little girl,buddy?She growing up ok?


I’ll send it Monday in the morning.
My handwritting is pretty much a huge mess. If he doesn’t understand a word, then this will be a valid reason to make him come back here so I can translate it for him.


Nice. But with that logo I fear it wont reach them as someone might think this is a kill contract. :rofl::rofl:


This is great! @badeaguard you’re a good man for doing this, bravo!

Sounds good, Monday it is then! I hope he gets back to you/us soon. I’m sure he will appreciate that “Kool-Aid” :laughing:

BTW, love your Insignia drawing!

PS: your handwriting isn’t that bad. I could at least read it so it can’t be that terrible lol


Not sure if you wanted before or after he touched the heart so I got you both. Hope this is what you’re looking for.



If @immadummee47’s post isn’t what you want, i recall one of bedbannanas videos in which he grabbed the heart and tossed it to the trash can. I fail to remember which one or if he was wearing the suit though, but it shouldn’t be difficult to spot.


Oh ok, thank you. Yes, this is what I wanted. Thank you @immadummee47 :slightly_smiling_face: