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Whoa! This is why I don’t own any suits. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::laughing::laughing:
Good to know, though, I didn’t even know there were so many options, especially regarding things like suspenders and pockets.


Let’s look at the pockets alone:

In my Tommy Hilfiger Suit I have 3 pockets on the inside, left side. These are for pens and keys.

Then another pocket on the right.

On the outside I have two pockets, but the one on the right has 2 small pockets on the inside of the pocket.

Then there’s my tailor made, brown suit.
It has 2 pockets on the left side. One on top and a smaller on the buttom. The small one I use for my keys or cards.

Then there are some suits that have 2 pockets on the outside on the same side, the normal one and a smaller above.
There are endless possobilities :open_hands::smile:


Hahaha! I’m so damn jelly, I don’t think I own any clothes with pockets in the first place. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A whole new world.

Actually, my coats have pockets, it’s just too hot for them recently.


If I recall you work in a clothing store?

When I’m coming to Denmark be prepared! You’re one of my priority stops. But that will be for one day.


Oliver, if you were tailoring around a shoulder holster would you go a full size up, or would you want to start from ground-up and custom cut the armpit around it?

For reference I’m thinking vertical holsters like the ones Johnny Depp wore as Dillinger in Public Enemies.


I would personally not want the holster to be visible in the first place. So I would avoid a slim fit at all cost!

When that is said, I would start from the ground up. This way you ensure it wont look bigger than necessary, and that the gun/holster, won’t buldge and be visible from the outside.
If that is the only thing, you could go for a cheap fabric and standard features to keep the price to a minimum.

Or you could try to bring the holster along and see if a size larger would fit, and then get the back and arms fittet.

@badeaguard You are right. The store name is Tøjeksperten (clothing expert)

Yeah, I’m all for a visit! :smile:


Thanks–my friends who were retired Secret Service usually preferred to go loose, off the rack, so-called “sack suits” but I’m thinking to try to avoid the “Lowest Bidder” look. Personal preference is more like the crew from Men In Black, but…


@RotaryOliver @badeaguard
I totally agree with @Phoenix 100%
One of you guys should definitely create a thread for suits.

I really think it could be very beneficial, especially for a place like HMF (Agent 47) :sunglasses:

People can discuss proper measurements/fittings, brands, accessories, etc…


Seriously, make it happen (one of you) or I swear I will lol it’s a great idea.

Now… let’s get you fitted!!



I don’t even need a suit and I would read every single post on the page.
And probably ask all the dumb questions everyone else would feel like they’re too smart to ask, “Why is there a pocket inside that pocket?” for example.


This is the job for @RotaryOliver

I merely adopted wearing a suit.
He was born in it, molded by it.
I haven’t seen a good quality suit till I was a man.


Does that make him the Boss Baby?
That movie was…interesting.



Oh my god, that’s so funny you said that, my daughter absolutely LOVES that movie lol I literally seen it hundreds of times haha


I watch mostly kid movies, because I am secretly 5 years old. Though I haven’t seen The Incredibles 2 yet.
Have you guys seen the Secret Life of Pets? That one is probably my favourite one on Netflix.

There’s a TV show of the Boss Baby, but it is not as good as the movie.


Haha there is a kid in all of us I suppose. But no, I haven’t seen “Secret Life of Pets” never heard of it tbh. Might have to check that one out.

I agree. I did know Boss Baby had a TV show, but you’re right, it isn’t as good as the movie. I heard they are gonna make a Boss Baby 2. Don’t know when it’s supposed to come out though, but Alec Baldwin is returning for the voice he said.


Secret Life of Pets is extra good if you own pets, but I imagine it might be less good if you don’t. It’s like the Toy Story of pets. :3

Nice, that’ll be cool if Alec Baldwin comes back. I wonder what the timeline on that would look like.


Unfortunately my dog has passed away a while back and haven’t gotten another pet since, honestly probably never will. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals but my last dog… he could never be replaced, such a good dog he was.

But yeah, that still sounds cool and I’ll probably still check it out regardless. If it’s like the “pet” version of Toy Story I’d probably enjoy it haha.

I was really happy to hear Baldwin was returning for the voice. He was perfect for the part and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing “Boss Baby” so that was nice to hear.

As for the timeline…? Idk for certain, but I heard it was going to be more about his daughter rather than “Boss Baby” but he would still be in it, only this time as an adult. That’s what I heard anyway, could be just a rumor.


I know that feeling. The dog I had as a kid is probably always going to have been the greatest dog who ever lived. :frowning: Still, this is like a significantly less depressing version of that episode of Futurama, at least to me, because it’s about how much your pets love you. :smiley:
Once, the first time I ever met Billy West, he would not stop talking about that episode and me and my friend kept telling each other not to cry in front of Billy West. :sweat_smile::sob:
But this movie is not sad. Though sometimes those pets make some terrible decisions.

Ahh, it makes sense for it to be about the daughter, yeah.


Yeah I’ll still give it a watch, however.

And no way! You met Billy West!? Super Jealous lol

Did you know he also voiced Doug Funnie from “Doug” and the bully Rodger? I never knew that until very recently haha

But yeah, I’m super jealous man. The only “famous” person I have ever met was Randy Orton (if you ever watched WWE/wrestling) don’t really watch it much anymore but he was a very cool dude in person, we talked for like 15 minutes outside of a bar he was at lmao


I’m actually pretty ingrained in the America VA world, which is a really weird sentence. He was one of the first I’ve met, but he now recognises me on sight, which is really cool. He’s a GREAT guy. VAs can vary drastically on sweetness, sigh.

I did not. I’ve been friends with some people for years and have no idea who they voice, though. Actually, I got into an argument (well, he yelled at me and I rolled my eyes) with an incredibly well known VA a couple years back because I didn’t know who he was and he thought he was extremely important. He even kept trying to one-up the other voice actors and saying that he was more special than them and how he gets young women and blah blah blah.
I think my responses to all of his stories were “Cool, story bro.” but he always kept going :joy:

Anyway, ruined my whole childhood (he was in several of my favourite shows as a main character) but I can never tell anyone who it was for that same reason. Still, Billy West is awesome.

I have not, but I’m always happy when people are cool. In terms of fame I guess MC Frontalot was a big deal for me, and I’ve only met him once. I’m friends with a lot of his friends, though, so that’s interesting. I fangirled all over him for five hours, not gonna lie. He tolerated me, though. I think it’s because my definition of fangirling is just awkwardly sitting in the same general area and being really interested in everything he had to say rather than…I dunno, groping him or yelling, or something awful like that.

For the most part, though, I don’t tend to care how famous a person is. I have been told that’s part of the appeal of hanging out with me. There was once a money pool going on, about when I was going to realise a group of people I was hanging out with were famous. :expressionless:


Haha oh my god that is hilarious :joy: Some people just don’t know when to quit lol

But yeah, Randy Orton was super cool and laid back. Which is kind of funny because of his “asshole” role he played as in WWE. Totally opposite. I know it’s all just an act but still lol

Very cool guy. Got his autograph and a photo with him, my God I think I was only 15 or 16 at the time. It was a very big deal for me especially since he was my absolute favorite character/wrestler