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Just make sure you don’t call him at 3 AM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…haha what do you mean??


It’s a pretty big meme, just look it up


I didn’t know this either and I just googled it and I’m worried for you, Sean.


Is it the RKO outta nowhere meme? I don’t know how 3 am plays into all this, except if you didn’t want to be RKO’d at 3 am, don’t call him. Then again, is there ever a good time to be RKO’d?




If Seans’ goal was to confuse some HMF members, I think he gets SA on this.


Celebrity Story: an old buddy from my college days was retired Idaho State Police, who’d worked together with Bruce Willis in Sun Valley on some charity event or other. Fast forward a few years to one of the Planet Hollywoods in LA area, R. and a few of his buddies are down there on vacation stopping for lunch, BW’s in for a bite, his buddies are like “hey, that’s BRUCE WILLIS,” R. just casually tosses a “yeah, I know, we worked together on a fundraiser a few years ago,” buddies don’t believe him until he approaches, sticks out a hand and says “hey, Bruce!” and Willis waves his whole pack over, just chillin’ as one of the guys.


@Watson I have a question for you.
A bit random I know, but I noticed under your username you have The Maltese Falcon

Just out of curiosity, you wouldn’t happen to own the statue would you? I came across one and thought maybe you would. If not, I’m sure you would no doubt be interested.


Also, not so much ccelebrity but historical figure, a neighbor who passed away several years ago was one of the last living Doolittle Raiders, and at the time he passed I was working on converting a client’s wargaming-miniatures release of the Doolittle B-25 into his old bird–ever since, it’s sat on my workbench half-done, I haven’t been able to make myself pick it up and go back to work without it having a purpose anymore. Part of me says finish and raffle off as a charity fundraiser, another says finish it and keep it for my own collection so that in a way I can “fly missions with Ed” in his memory on the wargaming table.


I need an expert in computing systems to provide, or explain why if it wouod be impossible to provide, a VPN that will make it seem like I’m in Venezuela when using my laptop. I need a good VPN however. One that can trick banks and the government of my country for that matter. Point is that they can not know I’m outside.


That sounds hella criminal.


I don’t care. I would consider it more criminal to have your access to your bank account permanently blocked because you’re outside the country the account was created in.


I think it Speaker was implying that tech savvy people would be less inclined to answer a pretty illegal looking question, is all.


@Speaker and @SeanBernowicz, you have being changing your profile pic so much that I’m starting to feel itchy myself about doing so. Your profile pic disorder is contagious. Seek help.


You are right to call me out on this Dr.

I was actually about to poach @Phoenix’s profile pic.


Don’t call me this yet, Dreb. I’m just getting my degree of Chemical Engineer. Still some time before being a Dr.


Fake it till you make it baby.

Speaking prophetically, kna’ mean, putting it out there in the universe.


Edit: Oh Sammy boy changed up the profile pic. hahaha


I’ll arm canon you, brosef.

Also you guys really need to post in that one thread when you change your pictures because I don’t know who anyone is anymore, RIP.


MY GOD!!! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

I was going through some of my screenshots from past Hitman games
(Codename 47 - Blood Money)

Not all, but a lot of my Fiber Wire shots are some how gone!!?!

I had a ton of 47 using them on some NPC’s but mostly targets. I needed them… :neutral_face:

Out of curiosity does anyone have a bunch of Fiber Wire shots? Preferably of 47 in his signature suit, eliminating targets…?

From CN-47 to BM? Maybe some from ABSOLUTION???