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This is why I have a unique profile image nobody’d WANT to steal… LOL


No, I don’t have one unfortunately. In the film it’s meant to be solid gold inside, but it turns out to be a ruse.


Oh, well I never saw the movie actually. I do plan to some day soon, however.

But yeah, I just stumbled upon the statue and I thought of you. Thought maybe you would be interested in it. :slightly_smiling_face:


What is a ‘Columbia’?


So hey, I didn’t have a chance to play Hitman Contracts in a while and I just thought…

Do you guys know how in “Beldingford Manor” you can use the pillow to smother Winston, or use any pistol with the pillow to silence it and kill him? is it possible to do this with the ‘sawn-off’ shotgun as well? I don’t recall ever trying it with that…


I vaguely remember doing this with the sawn-off, but I might be misremembering. It’s been a long time since I played HC.


Yeah same here. I just thought of it right now, but I’m not home at the moment so can’t check…

I know logically it wouldn’t make sense, as using a pillow to silence a shotgun would do nothing lol, but it’s possible to do it with the 500 Mag Revolver, so… :man_shrugging:

Just wondering, as the sawn-off is like a “pistol” in game when another item is equipped…


the city in Bioshock: Infinite 🤷


My pc died ;_;

Was playing some featured contracts and poof it died.

It might be my PSU. I have swapped cables and changed power outlets and no power goes to my boards. Not to mention the power switch on the PSU seems jammed into the on position and it tripped the houses circuit board when I swapped cables around.

A mate is going to bring a spare PSU he has but how did this even happen I don’t know

UPDATE: The emergency heart transplant (PSU swap) was a success. It managed to pull through let’s get some music :slight_smile:


I only need the Colorado suit now. I’ve been overseas for sometime and haven’t been following the Reactivated ETs. Does anyone know if there are any left to be released that are in Colorado?


This is not easy to do. I am almost certain all commercial VPN servers are in a list by now. Normally I would not care about other knowing I use a VPN because they still don’t know where I am and what my traffic is. But if you want to fool the gov and banks, this would be a neck-breaker.

The IP coming from a server farm alone should make it suspicious. I dont know how far you want to go.

In your case I would solve this differently. When you are in another country I assume your home place is still yours+locked, right? Then consider to buy a cheap server and use this as your VPN. This way you are still using your home’s IP.

If you are interested in this I ask around what kind of hardware and software you need. It should be doable quite cheap.


I want to circumvent my government’s new decree that any Venezuelan bank account managed from outer soil must be blocked immediatly. This prevents me from paying my credit cards, maintenance for the home I left, taxes from properties I own and most importantly from giving money to my family so they can at least eat decently.

So far many people suggest using Team Viewer is better than paying a VPN but nobody has really had the balls to try that.

My mother may need this even more urgently than I do considering she still manages her business online so now she can’t even corroborate payments.


This is the cheapest solution. Would work as well but you have to make sure your PC is not shutting down or restarting when you are away. Because this solution is uncommon you might even more likely get away with it. So far I know Teamviewer is quite secure in terms of network cryptography.

However you do it, using your home in one way or another as a proxy can be noticed. For example the network packages might be identifiable to be related to Teamviewer/VPN/… or if all outcoming packages happen shortly after all incoming packages, a log of your Internet usage makes it obvious you are a proxy.

But this is also the case with VPN servers. Although their trick is to mix multiple clients to the same IP, which you cannot fake with at-home solutions.
Your intended usage sounds like you can do that all with standing orders you set up once and let it running. Is that an option?


See, thing is I’m not much of a tech geek. I didn’t really get what you ment by standing orders.


It is a common feature of a bank account. For example if you have to pay rent each month and the ammount of money does not change, you can set up an automatic transaction every month at a specific date. This is called a “standing order”. (According to my translator lol)


Remember we’re talking about a country with 1 million percent yearly inflation here.


Well yeah. I have no other shady ideas so far. If you are still between using a VPN or Teamviewer, I’d say try the latter. It works out of the box which is good for you I guess. As I said make sure it does not shut down/reboot when away. Deactivate automatic updates. Dont use a computer which needs alot of power to save some money.

Another legal idea I have, are you allowed to set up a bank account where you are outside of Venezuela? Then you can use this one to pay stuff.


@SeanBernowicz What you really should watch out for when meeting Randy is an handshake.

Nah all jokes (and fake stories spread by bitter ex-employees)aside I heard only good things about Randy. Did you know he is actually a gamer? Like a dedicated gamer? Played Zelda,Monster Hunter…all sorts of games. It’s on Xavier Woods(a new wrestler if you don’t watch WWE anymore) YT channel (UpUpDownDown).
He started with MW and has been hooked to games ever since. He got so much cooler in my eyes,partially because he was also my favourite wrestler when he was the young legend killer so the inner kid in me was so happy when I found that out!


Of course I can open a bank account here in Spain!

Now remember we’re talking about a country that prohibits currency exchanges-rates. No outside currency can go inside and the currency they use inside is worthless elsewhere.


I just lost track what else is forbidden there. It might be easier to list what you are allowed to do in that country.