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You’re allowed to support the revolution. I think.


Sounds like our bald friend needs a vacation in Caracas…


`Not sure who to ask… About Breaching Charges and using them to move things via detonation.

Is there a way to tell whatever I’m using them on what way that object will go? Up obviously. But do they have a consistent angle; for example 60 degrees, or does it vary depending on how close the BC is to the object?

I’m sure there’s more nuance to this, like using 2 BCs, or placing them at the right angle. I guess what I’m asking is; Is there a science to this? :nerd_face:


Another question. I saw the topic where someone asked about the ‘fast forward music’ used in a certain YTers videos. That was answered… Not wanting to hi-jack that topic – I’ll just ask this here.

Any idea as to what one of the songs is that’s used for the portable radio? The one that seems to be a (what I’d call a) Vibraphone Jazz tune.


@HiddenValleyLover are you still in Milano? I’m going with friends to a Techno concert in Linate this friday. You think you can join?


Can someone explain to me why the UK has to have borders to Ireland after Brexit? I see that they would have to do that according to the Schengen Agreement, but UK wouldn’t be the first non-EU country who are within the Schengen Area. See Switzerland, Norway or Iceland.

Why is the EU so much into these borders?


Because both Ireland and the UK aren’t in the Schengen Area


Oooh that’s weird. And ironic, if the UK would have been closer to the EU idea by joining the Schengen Area, leaving the EU wouldn’t have this problem. What comes around…

Isn’t it quite easy to get into Schengen as long they are EU members? Is there a downside for the UK? Migration?


Yes, they still had freedom of movement between members


I meant isn’t it easy for UK and Irland to become part of the Schengen Area? Or do they have to do long-term negotiations?


They have some special opt-out privilege where they are not legally obliged to join the Schengen Area; Ireland wants to, however this will create problems with the border with Northern Ireland; the solutions possible are:

  1. UK and Ireland join Schengen (never going to happen)

  2. Northern Ireland becomes part of Ireland (unlikely)

  3. Ireland leaves the EU (unlikely)

  4. Ireland becomes part of the UK (never).

Also note that there are a few more countries that are not part of the area yet (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Cyprus), however they are still obliged to join. Ireland and the UK are the only countries with opt-outs, and now that the Brexit team is pretty much a room full of monkeys flinging their shit all over the walls at this point, the future of the NI border looks uncertain.


I guess the DUP is the one who will scream NO to 1.? I tried to look up discussions on that but it seems to be so much unpopular it is not even raised.


The DUP are a bunch of clowns and hypocrites


In 20 hours my house will be completely full of people, today / tomorrow will be soo stressful. I’m mainly worried that there won’t be enough space… How big was your biggest self-organized party so far?


@badeaguard I believe it was you that posted the new HITMAN’s wallpapers (HD)

I wanted to make 3 separate canvases in this order of the following pics (I believe you have better quality photos? If so please share them with me. I can’t find them in better quality.


This is where they’re from:

Likely the highest res available.


These will work! Thanks @Phoenix :blush:


How do you go OOB in Bangkok? I’ve seen a video where 47 places an item on the balcony ledge, like a gun or coin, I believe he starts to go over as if to hang, next thing he does is fall and he can explore the jungle. I think…

@Urben it seems like you posted a vid of this, but I can’t recall where. Sorry if it wasn’t you.


I didn’t but check out this video


I’ve always wondered if @Postal_Dude has a super secret undercover second account he still posts with and is still active here because he seemed like an alright person if a little troubled and with some questionable judgement. I get the feeling this forum meant a lot to him and I hope he’s doing okay these days and if he is hanging out here undercover he should not tell me what account he’s using curreently on this forum because then one day I might slip and he’ll get fucking banned again and he should definitely not message me on this forum because he’ll get fucking banned again

Not that I’m advocating people avoiding their bans or anything but this shit’s been on my mind for a long time I hope the dude’s doing alright these days also idk if it was appropriate to be talking about this dude when he might not even be on this forum anymore it feels kinda like I’m shittalking him or something behind his back ya know? just feels wrong anyway what’s done is done and I’m hitting the reply button now thanks :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: