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Well,as someone who reads posts here all the time I doubt it.His way of writing and expressing his thoughts was recognisable for me and since he was banned I haven’t seen anyone who might be similiar to him.


Well @EricTheAussie you asked for it I guess?


You guys still remember me? After all these years? Now be still my beating heart, that’s mighty kind what you said. I’ve been called troubled before and it doesn’t surprise me. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

To clarify: No, i haven’t been secretly active and i haven’t even lurked much. Every now and then i’ve checked out the news here, but other than that i’ve kept to myself.


Don’t know the details of your ban but if you want back in on HMF, you’ll have to try and plead your case to @Jarbinger in a PM.


Hey amigo it’s hella rad to see you again but you hellaaaaa shouldn’t have announced your identity dude. You’re 99% getting banned again :frowning:


And hey just to clarify I didn’t mean ‘troubled’ in an insulting way or anything dude. I just meant that it seemed like you were going through some rough ass shit when you were banned from what I remember. Sorry for any confusion or hurt feelings brew. Good to see you again and hopefully you aren’t deded instantly


Don’t worry, man :slight_smile: . I didn’t think it as insulting or anything. Besides, i’m one troubled man if there ever was one.


Could someone please assist me? It’s been a long time, i don’t remember how to send private messages :frowning:.


Click on their avatar/forum pic…


Ah yes, sorry, but the private message button didn’t show back then because this account was too new.


Genuinely curious, other than some degree of isolation, what is the benefit of getting Sean Rose to meet Penelope Graves by the slum pit in Colorado (Hitman 2016)


you can throw her into the pit, once the dialogue is over.


I mean bringing Sean Rose across as well before that conversation takes place. Never made much sense to me why it’s in the game


Might be something they were going to fully flesh out before rushing the level out and they forgot to dummy it out


Are there any other chronic loners here? Meaning people who like to be alone all the time. I’ve always been a ‘‘lone wolf’’ throughout my life. I feel calm and peaceful when i’m all by myself.


Loner, not by choice, only because of my social anxiety.


Alright, i’ve never had social anxiety myself, but i feel your pain, man. Hope you get some good medication for it. I’m a loner mostly by choice, but people do tend to dislike me for whatever the reason is, i really don’t know.


I’m better at talking to people when I can’t see their face, so…


Same. I don’t like eye-contact, but i can tolerate it. I prefer talking to people online rather than face to face.


i’m no Loner, but for years i felt alone, even when i was around people who love me and i them too.
i also had some anxiety attacks when i was alone at home, it felt like i had a guilty conscience and like a heavy weight on my chest and i couldnt breathe right - it felt like Drowning.

My best Friend forced me more or less to go to the Doctor and now, trough medication, my brain works just fine.