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I can relate to that. I’ve never been able to connect with anyone in anyway. That means i feel alone even in the middle of a crowd. It’s amazing what modern medication can do and i’m glad you feel better with meds.


i am.

have you cleaned your apartment yet


This may seem like a silly question but I want to contribute more on this forum. I want to discuss, I want to talk with others. I often have an idea for a post, or response but I just never feel like it would be any good and just another useless post clogging a thread.

Also, would you want me to contribute more? Do others feel as though I can/could contribute well, or am I just another obnoxious member. Thanks.


First: you aren’t an obnoxious member. Silly to say that of yourself. Second, talk about something you like apart the series, that’s for What’s New and similar threads are. Maybe you can start posting stuff you cook, or if you draw, that aswell.
By the way, practice your redaction in case you aren’t confident about something you are about to write. You’ll see how easy it becomes to express an oppinion once you already have some words to structure your idea.


tbh I feel the same way too, I always think I’m derailing or not adding anything people don’t already know.
Hopefully the answers you will get will help all the people who feel this way :slight_smile:


I used to feel similiar when I first joined too.
You’re fine,don’t worry.
Being part of the forum takes some getting used to,you will feel more comfortable as time passes and you learn more about members and what everyone is like etc.


I always liked the very few posts you published so far. I don’t remember anything bad so I’d say go for it! :slight_smile:


I remember you, Heisenberg. And yes my apartment’s all cleaned up, but i don’t live there currently.


Just do it like me and bring up Codename 47 in every Discussion. :joy:


Does anyone knows what happend to @Silverballer? he was very active, but i havent seen any posts of him recently.


Any other way of getting The Class songs losslessly besides bandcamp? Already tried reloading and troubleshooting.



@MrOchoa dude want to meet? For once I have some money away and I think I would like to travel somewhere for a day or 2.

When are you free from work? What do you say for next Friday, 26 October?


Sure! i cant take a day off, but i only work until 16:30 on Friday. I could show you my Town and we can drink a lot of Alcohol :yum:


I’m not a drinker but it could work. I mean I drink moderate and slow.


@Urben where do you live? Since going to Germany I would like to meet as many as possible of you


Cologne, middle-western part of Germany. If I am not mistaken the HMF Germans are not really on one spot. :frowning:


its just 2h from Bad Kreuznach :wink:


We could meet when badea is around? But I can only travel in NRW for free so I am a bit limited in choices.


Friday 26. I already booked the hotel in @MrOchoa town.


Mh you can drive him to cologne for a drink :joy: