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LET’S DO IT!!! Fuck it, I finally have the chance to meet people that I talked for 4 years now. @MrOchoa

He finishes at 16:30


i will ask my boss, maybe i can leave earlier :grin:


Don’t you 2 dear to speak in German in front of me @Urben :rage:
Or at least teach me the bad words.


@MrOchoa Badea denkt bestimmt nur schlechtes bei diesem Satz hier. :joy:



Make that 1:30 hr. Don’t forget we’re going in a BMW :sunglasses: with 116 horse power…
But isn’t Germany known for the roads with no limits


but not everywhere :wink:


Yes it is



Hey guys,
I’m a real tech idiot, so I’m wondering if someone else can help me out.
I want to get my friend HITMAN 2016 as a gift while it is on sale on steam. I know he has the hard drive space, but uses the same laptop as me.
A 2015 Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad. (Has Intel Core i5 Inside sticker, don’t know if that helps)
Will HITMAN run on his computer?


Tell him to go to, locate Hitman on the list of titles and run the program.

But as urbrn pointed out, it’s very unlikely.


Iirc those have no graphic unit, which means it cannot run any fancy games like Hitman.


I just tried and as I thought :joy:, I can’t play Hitman 2016 on my laptop, Intel integrated graphics with the CPU will not work.


I currently have some money left on my Amazon account. I’d like to get rid of that with a purchase - but its not enough to purchase the product. Is it possible to pay such a difference for example with PayPal?
I dont know how to formulate this question to find results on the internet. That’s why I’m requesting the help of other killers.


I think that works, but never tried that.


Yesterday I played hitman after long time. I have already purchased Hitman2.
In the games store page, it shows all season 1 content as purchased. But Hitman 2 is not shown as purchased. And it gives link to purchase it.
Does anyone else has this problem?


Yes, you can do multiple sources.
I did that about two days ago on Amazon. :slight_smile:


Whose in this helicopter in Hokkaido?


GAMA’s, I assume they use it either for high profile clients and staff. That or it is used for emergency response.


Sorry, don’t know what GAMA is. Looks similar to the one from Himmelstein. Krondstadt maybe?



Yeah it is most likely the same model helicopter. I mean it’s not like the civil helicopter business has a large enough client base to support multiple manufacturers.:smile:

Oh Hi @SeanBernowicz changed your avatar again it seems, you’ve changed it more than the Invisible Woman changed her hairstyles!:laughing: