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In all fairness it is only a lot of damage if you are a comic book fan. I mean how was I to know you are a fan of the Fantastic Four, there are so very few fans and casuals wont read their comics cause the movies were terrible.


Actually I’m just memeing flex tape


Oh well I don’t know memes that well. I tend to shy away from social media so this stuff is beyond me most times.


@SeanBernowicz is the Flex-Tape guy now. Maybe you can add a pic of you in the Gallery where you tape back a boat and take it to a swim in to Colombia in water-infested flesh-eating fishes.


hey @cjgarof i watched several of your Hitmanathons now and they are really nice but why dont you play Codename 47?


If you’ve watched the mararthons, then you’ve heard the explanation. Multiple times.


then i must have missed it, maybe i need to listen better.


How can the police trace the gun that fired the bullet? Does changing the barrel do the trick?
Let’s say I have a registered Colt 1911, and I want to kill some one yes? I can 3D print a titanium barrel and just change it with the one my Colt has, go to kill some one and then change the original back.

By doing such, will they ever trace my registered gun to me?

I’m not planning to kill anyone but I had this in mind for some time. Maybe @Diamondback can answer this or @scm97tl or @MadMax ?


I think you should ask MadMax about this one. He has more knowledge of firearms than me.


They can’t. Changing the barrel would do nothing, what they could do though is see what cartridge was used from either the casing or bullet, see if there is any unburnt powder to try to figure out if it is a pistol or a rifle and what barrel length it was, then estimate what velocity the bullet was fired at by the wounds. From there on out it is a process of elimination and checking databases to see if there are any very close matches. In your case, they would automatically check for .45 ACP pistols and ammo purchases in the nearby area.
I’d also like to say that “printing a barrel” is pure fantasy. Chances are it won’t handle the pressure and blow up quick because 3D printed powdered metal is shit (and very expensive, more expensive than just buying a real 1911 barrel in America) and it won’t have any rifling either, meaning it will be as accurate as a muzzleloader from the 16th century.


This is like the second most sus question I’ve ever seen on these forums.

Incidentally I learned recently that it takes approximately 3 days to freeze a normal human person in a walk in freezer to 0°.


Wait what was the first one? How do you know the freezer thing? That is the most sus factoid I have seen anywhere.


Someone was very obviously trying to circumvent their government a few months back. IIRC I said something like ‘wow that’s sus asf’ and they said they dgaf because their government was dumb, and… that was that :joy:

I learned that because I go very very far for jokes, and I wanted to turn our buddy Cake into uhh, “ice cream cake.”
But no worries peoples, he is safe, I did not actually freeze and eat him. :ok_hand: Everything is cool.


Oh well that is very reassuring,:ok_hand: remind me to never go to any ice cream parlour you run.:joy:


No worries, just relax my guy. You will be frozen and then there will be cake.


[Insert Decomposed Meme Here]


Anyone here adept with free camera modding? I’m trying to make my way with an Unreal Engine 4 game, this one don’t appear to have a console and CheatEngine is proving difficult.


Ballistic fingerprinting is a crock of crap.

You don’t even need to print a barrel–and you can’t print rifling anyway, nor are 3d-prints up to containing the ~22,000 PSI pressure of a .45ACP round igniting–you can just buy one off the shelf, even the Internet, and drop it in.


So I was playing contracts yesterday and heard this awesome mix of winter night in the asylum (5:20 in the video)

My question is does anyone know if you can find this somewhere, or can some extract this from the game?