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Just lost interest in the game, is all. Exams caught up with me as well and I don’t have the vast amounts of free time I did last year.


sad to hear, but i’m glad you are allright :blush:


I mean, I should be a bit more active now that H2 is out, I just burned myself out on the first one pretty hard. Doubt I’ll ever be as active as I used to be though lol


Have any of those who got the collectors edition, experienced getting H2 Gold Edition and an extra Gold Edition upgrade DLC code on the side.

I bought the game on PC?


When there’s a level I haven’t touched yet, I don’t finish it after completing it ( --> like: not escaping from the level)- I reload the first save, and do it again - completing another challenge, and so on (…)
After stacking challenge after challenge I complete the level and all the challenges get completed at once. Of course, I can’t complete all of them at once but as many as possible. It was already awesome in HITMAN 2016 but in H2 it’s so freaking satisfying, especially the sound of every challenge getting marked as complete. Is it just me?


Ok guys, since Janus is Russian and former KGB, shouldn’t his name be pronounced “Yah-nus” instead of “Jay-nus”?


Not that far into the story to find out if it’s just an alias or actual name, but the name Janus comes from roman mythology, so russian pronunciation would not be the case i guess.


But in Latin, the language of the Romans, it is pronounced “yah-nus”. Error on Diana’s part?


Ah, didn’t know that. I remember that in Deus Ex:MD they were pronouncing it the same way, i guess it’s probably just automatic defaulting the english way because of lack of knowledge.


@Travis_IOI Are there plans to give snipers like the Sieger 300 and others animations? I don’t understand why the Jagers do but arguably 47’s “signature” sniper doesn’t.


Is that music a part of the official soundtrack? or purely used just for marketing?


Oh-me-ga, oh-may-ga, toe-ma-toe, two-mato, alum•inum, alu•min•ium


Anyone know how to do the feats on Mumbai involving the mole?


`Wasn’t sure to ask this here or the other topic about Sniper rifles…

One time I was playing Paris / Show Stopper. I killed Viktor, then I sniped Dalia where she takes a drink of wine… It was outside on the balcony by the other party guests and guards. This was from on the back end of the lawn where the helicopter is. I exited via the helicopter. Upon seeing the results screen I got SA. I was surprised to see that since typically targets killed with the sniper rifle - especially in such an open and crowded location - would result in losing the SA rating.

Does anyone have any idea of what might’ve happened here?

I think I might’ve been using the unsilenced sniper rifle (thus why I used it from a further distance). Maybe everyone was alerted by the sound and either ran or went into alert before noticing Dalia’s body…?


I think you are correct; you got lucky and no one saw her body. In 2016 they added a time limit between an explosion and the exit. If you exited before the time limit you couldn’t get SA. This was so the game had a few seconds to notice a body after a bombing. They put that in with one of the early patches, but it’s never been there for gunfire.


When did they add an enforcer in Showstopper that can notices you EVEN IN YOUR SUIT?

He’s in the bar area adjacent to the fashion show.


Noticed that too. That’s very dumb and makes no sense in any way. Just irritating that a random NPC could do that.


Apparently he’s here so that you have to use the crowd as cover, but it’s still an awful idea.


Only played it on Master, are they there even on other modes?


same shit in the Streets of Mumbai, Diana explains why that is, but it still sucks.