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At least in Mumbai the story line is a reason. This one is so aggravating.


Question: Are the Five Fathers mentioned in the Hitman Comic?


Yeah, it’s dumb.

It’s totally to show off the crowd blending mechanic, but it’s not fair to force it upon the player when they’ve literally done nothing wrong when starting a mission.
It shouldn’t work that way.

The public enforcer is also on Professional Difficulty. Not sure about Casual as I haven’t touched that one at all.


No. There’s a mention of Ort-Meyer having competitors but it’s vague to what it means.


that sucks. i really hate that they try to sneak in a shitty softreboot. as much as i love the new Games, i despise their new Storywriting.


I re-read the comic again. Here’s what i’ve gathered:

  • Ort-Meyer was funded by Providence with direct supervision of the Constant. No mention of the fathers funding him like in Codename 47.

  • The Constant mentions having possesion of Ort-Meyer’s “former partners” as well, in an effort to “break the code” behind 47.

  • There’s an appearance of other bald subjects besides 47, 6 and 81. They are all stated to being perfect so, goodbye Beta-39 and 17 being lesser.

  • Subject 6 angrily states that he and 47 are not brothers, that and the fact that 81 has brown eyes and there’s one of different skin color, i think it’s safe to say that they are not clones.

  • Some of Ort-Meyer’s initial dialogue after 47 awakes in C47 made their way into the comic and 47 escapes in a car prepped by him.


i dont understand why they try too erase the best part of the lore, here is how i would handle it:

After the Fathers stopped funding Ortmeyer, he sends 47 out to kill them and reaches out to Janus, but before they can seal the deal, 47 returns and kills Ortmeyer and the 48s.
Janus sends his right Hand, the Mysteryman out to investigate what happend and the MM teams up with Sergei Zavorotko, who wants to find out what happend to his Brother Boris, which leads them to the Asylum and the beginning of Silent Assassin.

47 kills Sergei and the Mysteryman survives an attempt on his life, which scarres his Face and bounds him on a Wheelchair. For his Loyality and Service he is rewarded with the Leadership of a Providence Sub-Division, called the Franchise, and is given the Task to create their own Cloningprogramm and to take down the ICA.
Albert Fournier, a Interpol Agent working for Providence shoots 47 during a Mission in Paris, leading to the Events of Contracts.
Their Plan Fails, Fournier and the Mysteryman aka Alexander Leland Cayne die and Providence has to start over with their Search for 47, leading to the Scheme of luring him out via Providences new Goldboy Lucas Grey aka the Shadowclient.

what do you guys think?


I would’ve actually had the Mystery Man be the current Cpnstant, they do kind of look similar.


yeah, i agree with that, but in my version it makes sense why Cayne is such an obsessed son of a bitch :joy:


They didn’t need to “show off” the crowd blend mechanic in that level. We have all already played that level and old guys as well as 1st timers will experience the mechanic in India S2


Mate I loved the idea of 47 being a combination of various criminals to create the perfect killing machine, and his fellow clone “brothers” being imperfect but whatever.
I guess I’ll just ignore the comic’s story altogether.


Like he’s black? Or more like Indian type? Or more like Mediterranean type?


Does 47 likes Chocolate? because its like friggin Catnip for Clones.


Loved it as well, when i first knew about the cloning i just couldn’t associate it to anything, was pretty original in my book.

Problem is that future games will still be a constant reminder of this.

I think Mediterranean.


Hard to tell, but I definitely think it’s him.


I think the guy in the second picture is the first constant and not the one we know from cutscenes.


So that’s Janus?


Yes It would have to be if it’s a Constant, since the current Constant wasn’t involved with Ort-meyer’s project. But isn’t that picture from Absolution?




Is this something that becomes apparent at the end of Hitman 2?
I’ve only reached Mumbai so far, but from what I’ve seen is that Grey is anything but on the list of employees of Providence, let alone their golden boy. He used to be a bodyguard for a Providence member and then killed hm, but I’m not sure that leads to a “golden boy” status :-p