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no, that was just how i would have written the story, the real thing is way worse. it hurts me almost physically.


Ah, I’m sorry to hear that.
In any case I agree that there’s a lot of untapped potential storywise when it comes to the five fathers and Mystery Man. I like the idea of the Mystery Man being the Constant. That ring he was wearing screams of membership to a Providence-like organisation. But the fact that the Constant doesn’t wear that ring bugs me.

I would also like the story of the five fathers to be more developed, but only in a good way. In that sense I’m glad IoI ignored them completely, for example during the story development of Absolution. That could have possibly tainted them, something along the lines of Boris being Diana’s long lost twin with amnesia or something.

But Colombia without a single mention of Ochoa is close to blasphemy. It didn’t necessarily have to be central to the mission, the Delgados can have that spot if they like, but a reference or two would have been easy and very much welcomed. I got giddy when I saw that “I need to use the bathroom” reference in Hokkaido. A reference to the Original.


exactly! there where so much opportunitys unused - the Car in Ricos Showroom for example: he could have say “the remains of the Ochoa Cartel werent happy, that a Delgado came back to Colombia and they tried to kill me“ or something like that.
Or let Jorge Franco mention that the Ochoa Cartel used Artefacts for smuggling cocaine - while they disguise their Cocaine as Souveniers.
or let the Villagers talk about the old times, where Ochoa ruled the Region. At least let Diana say “Welcome BACK in Colombia, 47“

Just give us SOMETHING!


Forgive me for being silly, but wasn’t it possibly to have our cake and eat it too?

Ortmeyer used the 5 fathers to create 47 and took money from them to do it WHILE AT THE SAME TIME was receiving funding from Providence. We didn’t know about providence in C47 bc neither did the 5 fathers. Maybe that’s why we were sent to kill them in the first place… bc ortmeyer had other plans for us ?


Where’s this Hitman discord I keep seeing people talk about on here?



I totally agree! It would fit in with their call backs. I know that they feel as if Ochoa was a silly remake of Tony Montana but a reference would have been nice. I mean honestly anything he seemed to be a well established drug lord.


Why is picking up an apple a crime as a chef in Hitman 2. Additionally why is it detectable during frisk?


Why is holding an apple illegal period?


An apple is very difficult to hide in a pocket due to its round shape. Even the naked eye can detect it. It is very suspicious to walk around with an apple like that. You either eat it or leave it. Why carry it around in your pocket? Frisk searchers will ask these questions, making 47 nervous. This interaction was cut due to budget constraints, but evidently the suspicion itself remains.

Many people, me too, have an allergy to apples. It’s an increasingly common and dangerous allergy. A chef insisting on using it is clearly a psychopath.

The real question is: why is the expired can of spaghetti sauce not suspicious?!?


It’s a bug. Apples had been bugged even before the patch when they just weren’t interactive at all.


What happened to Robert knox’s face. Do we have backstory?


I believe it was due to a racing accident from his younger days.


Why is there no platinum trophy??


Yes the game literally says so in the bio, it was an accident while testing or developing his octane booster compound.


he purposely crashed his racecar into the one of Maxwell Rutter, the Guy who gives the Trophy to Sierra Knox when she wins.


Funny his bio states it was something to do with an accident while inventing his booster agent. But Knox crashing Reuter explains the huge chip on his shoulder.


when you enter Rutters Office, he talks with a Security Guard about it. he also states that he has doubled the security, because he thinks that Knox is up to something.


Anyone else think Diana’s voice sounds really strange in the new prologue


this was a GOTY patch change, they tried to make her sound younger? but she sounds like a baby