Ask HMF Anything


How much wood would Burnwood burn if a Burnwood could burn wood?


As much wood as a Burnwood could burn if a Burnwood could burn wood.


Why do i have a wood? …to burn it. This is why we have the name Burnwood.


Why there is GAMA trolley in delgado’s mansion?
Why GAMA even have trolleys?


the Race Marshall Outfit in Miami has a Gama Logo on its Arm, you can see it when you blend in to disqualify Sierra. Dont know why.


The Basejumper in Himmelstein, the Sniper mission, also has a Gamma suit.


Well you know how people steal toiletries when staying at a hotel? Well the Delgados steal the trolley that the toiletries are on.


I think Rico would have just stolen the whole hotel to be honest.


“Rico, what’s that under your jacket? Is it another hotel?! Dios mío, just put it with the others…”


Oh no Senor Delgardo is that Disneyland Resort in your carry-on!:joy: Put it next to the Plaza and the Burj Al Arab


“Disneyland Florida? I wanted Paris! Hold on hold on, I’ll be back in a minute!”


Eww who would want EuroDisney? Not even as someone as volatile as Rico would touch that place.


It’s not for him, it’s for the hippo. It eats only low-budget holiday destinations and needs a new one, because it’s recently finished munching through Benidorm.


Oh well he should come to Australia then we have no shortage of closed down adventure parks and low-budget theme parks. I am sure Dreamworld can easily be served to the Happy Hippo


That hippo could bog in the whole Gold Coast. And once again, I’ve digressed another thread.


Whf is going on. Stop this madness in the name of your King.


You are not my king and you are not my real dad! runs way and cries:joy:


If you are bad, then I am your dad.

:clap::clap: meme review


There are no proper beds in the castle, unless i missed one. Few dirty provisional mattresses in the guard barracks, but nothing for the higher up folks. Yet, they seem to be quite nested in for just one night, some of the custodians and staff will surely be sleeping over.
Or what about the rest of the year - most castles have some sort of warden/castle manager (at least in my country), who lives there fulltime and cares for it off-season, so they have assigned living quarters.

It’s just tiny nonsignificant level design thing, but still…not one bed? Did they just forgot or is it left out intentionally for some reason i’m not catching?


Yes the Washington twins are in the process of redeveloping the keep to suit their own style so much of the original furniture has been moved. They have not replaced the mattresses since they most likely couldn’t give a flying fucking about the poor people of the castle or are to busy with secrecy and social climbing