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Oh yeah! Totally forgot redeveloping was mentioned (can’t remember where exactly tho).


I think Sophia makes mention of it during her route or was it Zoe? I guess that is the problem with making two targets twins. I think it is Sophia since I am pretty sure I was on the balcony


So I installed Hitman 2:Silent Assassin yesterday and when trying to launch it I get a notification I never got before

“Please login with administrator privileges and try again”

I searched a little on internet but so far I’ve seen people suggesting to run game as administrator which I’ve tried and it didn’t work.

Anyone knows what causes this problem or how to fix it?


Being one of the very few last people on the planet to have (or need, really) a smart-phone - I’ve wondered…

Some of the weapons and tools, etc. have QR codes when looking at their details. Has there ever been a collection of what information these things give you listed anywhere?

I’ve tried googling for it, but the only thing that comes up is for the IAGO auction invite.


Hello bois,

Is there a graphical expert around here who can turn this:


Into this:


But with a better scarf?

You would make me extremely happy! I hope someone will please help me


I can.
What kind of scarf you need to be replaced this one with?


Same kind, unless you find something more christmas-y, but this one is quite fine. Only problem I have with it is that it’s placed weird. It’s too close to the mouth and should be more down to the neck.

Thanks in advance anyway :slight_smile:


I think it’s fine where it is now though.


It looks weird, it’s almost in the dogs mouth. If it’s just a little lower, like around the actual neck, it’s perfect.


Sorry mate.
Taking lot of efforts than i thought of using simple lasso and rotate options.


Ill try to do it later, if I find time for it.


Forget what I said, judt did it know. Not perfect, it’s a bit difficult because of the perspective and the very “thick” throat of this dog - no offense :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s very problematic, because there’s not much space left down there. Maybe like this? Now the tongue isn’t touching it anymore.

Or like this: but I really hate this one because the scarf is nearly breaking.

If you dont like them I can try again later.


First one is good, but I want it around the whole neck. I don’t really like the second. If you manage to do it. Can you add the christmas hat and snow as well?

You’re a hero :slight_smile:


Have anyone else really being looking forward to Jacks vidz to come?


Does it has to be the exact same hat?


New hat & edited the scarf, so it’s actual under the face/ chin area, like it should be?


Just see what looks good. If you got something better and I like it, I’m cool with that :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m being a bitch, but could you make it so there’s no snow in front of the head, but only behind it and the scarf a little less high on the upper side? That’ll be the finishing touch :ok_hand:


Everything alright :smile:
Like this?


No I meant like this, how the arrows point, but not too much!

The snow is good, but don’t hesitate to add some more! :grin:


The problem with that is that you would see the back of the neck, which would make no sense with a scarf. I know, however, that this looks somehow wrong. I might try it again later, sorry I can’t really do it right now :sweat_smile: