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No problem, take your time! I’m already so glad you want to help me :slight_smile:


@BetaPete when do you think you have time to finish it? I don’t wanna rush you, just curious. I’m really excited about the result. :grinning:


Jack is overrated. He is irritating. Just pain to watch, forget about enjoyment.
There are lot of others who are way more fun to watch.
Btw I like to watch blind first exploration videos of hitman missions. If anybody have any suggestions please suggest.
I enjoyed kotti’s first run on all H2 missions.


Sorry for the late answer. I’m very busy today/ tomorrow. Maybe on friday, but I don’t even know if I’m going to do it right :sweat_smile:


Oh, I hope you’ll find some time for it! Important things first ofcourse :wink:


Alright gameplay question here. Is there a way to get Andrea Martinez AND Rico Delgardo to be crushed by the statue that does NOT involve some well timed distraction?


Rico: Drumroll, please.
Rico: I said drumroll, please.
Rico: Where’s the drumroll, damn it.
Andrea (go and stand next to Rico): Hey! Where’s the drummer? I didn’t ask him to…


Did it. That fuckwit stoner that bunks with the hippy saw me. Nothing to serious but I did it.


I think you can push down statue on both of them before Rico starts his speech. Maybe there is a little window where both are under statue before the speech.
Also centerstrain managed to take both of them down without distraction after the speech.


Yeah I did that, my post above literally said I did it. I realised I could just shoot the damn thing


I did it myself :sunglasses:


Well this is critical condition, I’ve been playing HITMAN 2 for too long but I have a paper here to finish and it’s almost at the deadline, could anymore please help me with this? Just few questions, the background of China compulsory education, the meaning of stepping forward in education & boundedness of China compulsory education. Please :sob::sob:


I can’t, I don’t even understand the question. hastagged with: know your limitations :flushed: :joy:.


Oh my man, I am so fxxxed now…:persevere:


Have you tried to google this? I did and now I know what compulsory means at least :joy:, maybe you can find something useful from google it?:


Wanna thank @BetaPete for my new christmas avatar. He managed to make it even more awesome than expected :grinning:


Yeah I finished my paper after all that, I tried Google it but it’s didn’t really help much, still don’t quite under the questions…But thanks anyhow man.


Does anyone miss good old sign in on the wepsite?

Felt like I was joining the ICA or something :smile:


Do you know if there is an app to automatically write audio files, even if they don’t write not so well? I have some interviews, but I must to listened them and write. It’s a hard work, because each of them lasts an hour. I must do it, but I don’t want :sweat:


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