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Not everyone in the forum has or knows someone named ‘Dick’. So that seems a bit discriminatory.


100% participation is anyways not going to happen. At least those who wants to contribute to good cause can do so.


Yeah. The rest of us can point and laugh… Or cringe. Cringing can be an interesting experience sometimes. Like driving by an accident.


Why my profile picture dissappears when I’m on the phone?


This might explain what’s going on with that…


Because my broadband company’s fucking me over I’ll probably not have Wi-Fi over Christmas, but I saw that you can download disc-based games offline (aka the H2 Gold Edition I’m getting).

  1. does this work?
  2. if it does, im guessing I can just play the main missions and nothing else? (Including no unlocking stuff)


Yeah basically in the interests of being able to back up the server and keep things running, I moved a bunch of images to a different server and the software doesn’t like it as much as I’d hoped.

The Avatar system is particular complex, but you should be able to restore it by uploading an avatar again.


Prostate cancer is not something you should laugh about. Spreading the awareness by any means is necessary. People need to come out and take appropriate self care.


Ooft, heavy topic re. prostate cancer. I make it a point to donate to charity once a month, Prostate Cancer UK has been on the receiving end of that contribution before. I own a couple ‘Man of Men’ trinkets as a result, really like that logo;

Either way, I came into the thread for something else! This one goes out to my homie @cakeblock941 - why that nickname? I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I keep picturing a literal block of cake sitting behind a PC monitor and I don’t know whether to have a hearty guffaw or cringe at my own infantile imagination.


Reuploading doesn’t work…



Not sure what happened there, but I was able to locate your original from the backup folders and re-uploaded it… seems to have fixed things at my end?


Yes. His Avatar is visible on mobile now.


Yes, it works! Thank you very much!


Hey guys, can some one from UK post a picture of their keyboard please? Preferably the one from a laptop.
I’m buying a new laptop that is not sold in Italy and I have 2 option of European layout: German or UK.
I manage to find how the german keyboard looks but now I want to know how much it differs from the Uk version.


Why don’t you want an Italian keyboard? I would never dream of not having Nordic layout. Where things are located are very different and It can really take some time to get use to.


I think he only has the choice of German or UK.


Razer Blade doesn’t support Italian layout. I really want that laptop bad so I’m down with this after all.
I type mostly in english here and in Italian sometimes over facebook. The only “strage” letters I need are è, ò and ù.
German keyboard looks very similar to Italian about key positioning such as “?”. English US is very different so I’m wondering if the UK layout is at least similar to EU.


Well you can always buy a keyboard on the side, if you want a keyboard with Italian letters.


So long as it’s not a Francophone keyboard! They don’t have an @ symbol! Drives me CRAZY if I have to print out a boarding pass at a hotel.


Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind Lucas NOT being able to get the constant out? But the game still letting me exit without talking to the constant?

So I play through the very first time and I retrieve a kill switch and walk him down to the harbour. Next play through I want to use a different exit, so I try to lead him there, but he dutifully goes to the harbour anyway and I use the flare thing. Seems silly I wouldn’t just use the boat or just have him come with me. Then I knock him out and I can leave wherever I want. Then I try to leave without talking to him, and it let’s me. Strange.