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You can leave because its an optional objective .
Afaik Lucas is in the helicopter and if the constant evacuates, Lucas will extract him. I havent made him evacuate yet but thats what I read in the forum


Yes that is correct, if the contestant evacuates Lucas snatches him up. This will trigger the final countdown if both targets are still alive.

But if you take out both targets then Lucas “claims” to not have the helicopter area secured. I just feel like it makes for a silly situation. It works if you knock out the constant or trigger his escape AND it works if you use the kill switch to coerce the constant. But if you just ignore Lucas when he asks for help it seems silly.


Is there a spelling mistake in “ICA19 Black Lilly”? I could swear it should be spelt “Lily”. It’s very triggering of my penchant for grammar, haha.


Where is there a wrench on the Santa Fortuna map on master mode? It’s not in the workshop where it usually is?


Yeah, I noticed that too. I checked all over and the damn thing just seems to disappear on master difficulty.


@Travis_IOI Why is the “Lilly” in ICA19 Black Lilly" spelt like that? Should it not be spelt “Lily”?


I was just wondering, Hitman had Tobii eyetracking support, does Hitman 2 have it too?


I have that, but I found another way. I think after all I’m going to buy one with the German layout since they have the ? " ! : ; and other keys in the same position and will choose as windows default the Italian keyboard.
I should have the interested Italian keys “hidden” but there. I mostly go for those keys by memory so I guess it won’t be a problem.


I really wish that the ICA19 weapons went up when shot, but then returned to the position like the Hackls and Bartolis do. It can make chaining shots harder sometimes. Does anyone else want this?


How are people getting featured in the “kill of the week”?

(thinking) since it has a hashtag at the front of it - I’m going to guess you have to tweet it to the hitman twitter page. I don’t have twitter so I am making an assumption here.

Or is it just any ‘kills’ they come across on any of the various social platforms?


Is there any cake in Isle of Sgail?


I gave up on this. I posted something with #KillOfTheWeek and suddenly the posted thing was #ShotOfTheWeek.


Hey, guys, I got a problem with my laptop. In games the bright areas are often too bright, as you can see from the example pictures. Of course, this is not due to the general brightness level, otherwise everything looks normal - and only occurs in games. Even if I play on a second screen, this problem occurs. Do you have any suggestion for a solution/ or do you know a good subreddit?
example from garrys mod, waterworld


“Lily” is more common but “Lilly” is a variant spelling of the name Lilian, Lillian, Liliana, etc, although the flower is one “l”. Perhaps it means something to someone at IOI?


Hmm. I would have thought that, with 47’s “logo” being a distorted lily, they’d spell it in the floral manner. It’s not game-breaking, obviously, it just stands out to me as something that might need a quick tweak (along with the menu pictures for a few of the new gadgets).


Why does Nolan Cassidy appear to be African American once in the Briefing to Another Life. I find this super strange


Datamining the game reveals that a cut mission story put Cassidy in blackface for whatever reason. Thankfully, somebody at IO must have stepped in and prevented this blatant racism and insensitivity from appearing in the final product.

Presumably this is also why Whittleton Creek mastery stops at 15. There were many challenges related to this mission story which were also obviously cut.


Can you clarify? Do you mean that within that story he’s a white man who “blacks up”? At least odd if that were the case.


I have something to ask, so I know this super hot and gorgeous gal, a gifted dancer. I take her as my sister and she takes me as baby brother. We are quite close. If only things can be this simple…I love her as my sister but I also have this strong feeling for her, should I woo her like any other boy or should I just stay the same, be a nice little brother for her? Any thoughts, gentlemen?


I believe it was just a joke. It’s like how Sophia Washington is sometimes called Serena Washington in her bio, I think IO accidently left it in