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I’m probably not the right guy to ask, but I’d be very interested to see how that situation plays out.
I’d say it depends on how you know her (friend through…), and how long you have known her.


This is the hurdle here, brother/sister feelings is not easily changed into love feelings, if she haven’t given you any signals that she is interested in more than a brother/friend relationship, then you can end up loosing your friend here.


I once started dating a friend. It lasted three weeks and fucked things up, but no regrets. It had to be endeavored. Friendship with someone you’re in love with is tricky and in my case it was based on that being in love. I accepted and even liked things in her I wouldn’t normally like. So don’t worry too much about losing a friendship. Go for the bigger prize and don’t look back if you don’t get it.


Two Hitman questions:

Did someone find the voice through the speakers in Miami? Is it possible to kill the announcer guy?

Did someone manage to use the Paris catwalk as a mass-electrocution rig? That stage is all water but doesn’t react to my taser throws :frowning:


Damn man! Thanks! That gives me some power and encouragement! Xoxo.


Speaking from experience, you should probably tell her how you feel, maybe not so much in a direct way, but more in a ‘round-about’ way… Let her figure it out. Or start by saying that you have something to get off your chest… and go from there.

The point being is that by not expressing how you feel about her will eat you up inside and drive you crazy. And doing so will be a great relief on yourself. The hardest part is committing to doing it.

Although, how she reacts might be another situation all together. If she truly cares for you she should let you know how she feels about your feelings.

Once she becomes aware of this, it could depend on what she says… If she says the 2 of you couldn’t work, then let her know (and this is completely up to you - it’s only a suggestion) that you probably shouldn’t see her or be around her as much as you used to be, or minimize any other form of contact. You could still remain friends - but if you being around her makes for a temptation or desire… See what I’m getting at?

And if she thinks it could go somewhere then at least you made that first step.

Again, these are just things to consider and completely up to you on what to do. Good luck though.


You guys really have some cool moves~
I believe she knows darn well how I feel about her, We are a little err…I don’t really know how to describe this, I called her “Baby Mrs.Eilolsa” for once by accident, and I also said this to her not long ago, “If you keep doing blahblahblah, I would make you my girl”, she didn’t really react uncomfortable or something.


Not sure if this is the right place, but rather than start a new thread…

On Xbox, I noticed that I still had Sniper Assassin installed. I was just about to Uninstall All when I saw that it appeared to include all of the separate files for Hitman 2. I can’t work out if these are duplicates or both Hitman 2 and Sniper Assassin are listing the same files. Sniper Assassin and all the files are around 73 GB whereas Hitman 2 and its files are around 84 GB. The main Sniper Assassin is about 8.4 GB. Does anyone know?


That happened to me aswell, except that I didn’t notice that it was uninstalling everything until it was too late.


So they are the same files? Should I just uninstall the file called “Sniper Assassin”? Or will that stop the Himmelstein map from working in Hitman 2 Prologue (as it’s still called)? Do I need to leave it?


I’m not sure. I wouldn’t take the risk yet because I had to install everything from scratch and that was a long time. Better ask Travis or someone about it.


Thanks, @scm97tl. :heart_eyes:

@Travis_IOI: Can you cast some light on this?

I still have the pre-order game Sniper Assassin installed on my Xbox. I was about to uninstall it and noticed that when I went to manage game it listed all of the files necessary for Hitman 2 Prologue (as Xbox still calls it).

Can I just uninstall Sniper Assassin (~8.4 GB) without causing any harm to the game mode Sniper Assassin within H2?


If it’s anything like it is in Steam / on PC - the original Sniper Assassin game can’t be started, it just says ‘Purchase’ in the Steam game menu. I have uninstalled it, and the game that is in H2 never brought over any progress anyway.


@Silvereyes isnt it about time for some Hitman 2 Forum Games? :slight_smile:


I had the same experience as scm97tl . Uninstalled what I thought would be the stand-alone and obsolete sniper game, ended up having to download the entirety of H2 and Legacy Pack again. Progress did remain saved, however.


To be honest, I’ve been quite tired alot of the time. Doing a new full time job as a pizza delivery driver, and so I havn’t been on the forum as much lately, hence why I am no longer a Regular. I must admit the other reason is that I’ve been tempted to put off the Hitman 2 games until both expansions are out. I have the feeling that Hitman 2 GOTY will be a bit of a game changer, compared to Hitman GOTY.

I do have some plans. Over a year ago, I did the best target championship. The way that was handled was by inputting a 100 targets of my choice and pairing them up into 5 rounds using a random number generator. This got some criticism, so when I did my mission championship I did 6 rounds, each round representing each game. Basically, I plan to redo the target championship, but with the Hitman 2 and Patient Zero targets, and use the mission championship system.

May redo the mission championship afterwards. I feel like doing the very first game, of asking which Hitman game is the best, will be best done after both expansions are released.


It’s very weird. I just got a new Xbox. I had two, one was the home Xbox. On that one everything was on an external HD. Got the new one, plugged it in, made it the home xbox and put in the Hitman disc. It refused, apparently suddenly to recognise all the maps. I was able to play the new maps in Hitman 2 but not the old. If I went via Hitman 1 to the store to the item for the legacy pack then go to “manage” that pack then I could load hitman 2 and play the old maps but not the new maps.

I deleted all of hitman 2. Then I loaded hitman 1, went to the store and started to download the legacy map pack. That downloaded the preview of hitman 2. It also registered something from hitman 2 so I then went to reinstall the hitman 2 maps. Eventually it seems to have worked out so I can play all maps in hitman 2. Phew.

Additionally removing the pre-order Sniper Assassin messes up the maps, too, the new maps all needed downloading again when I did that on the other (not home) Xbox.

Very strange and a bit of a mess.


Does anybody know if you can get better pictures of the invitation from “invitation to a party” hitman silent assassin?


Does this mean anything / is someone able to read it? Or is it nonsense?


A little Easter egg here… but that invitation is the same invitation you can retrieve from the drunk guy in Blood Money “Till Death Do Us Part” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(You can actually read it better in BM)
Just out of curiosity, why did you wanna know ?