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What is this website?
Is it test site created by you @Jarbinger or is it something else?
Just found out on google while searching something.




That is the url I was using to test for how to run a instance of Discourse on a cloud server with the hosting service rather than by using the specialist Discourse servers (which were prohibitively expensive).

I shall set it up to a straight re-direct at some point soon.



Really!?! That’s amazing :smiley: thanks for telling me.

Well you probably guessed it but I thought it would be very awesome to have that invi in real life. I will make it after the label.

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Cool bro! Yeah, you can actually read that invitation in BM. You can tell it’s the same though, as it has the same “front cover” design. And you’re welcome :blush:

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Anyone know the criteria for regular status? I’m barely off the forum but seem to have lost mine



There are quite a few and many of them relating to a 100 day rolling period.

I will send you a PM with specifics regarding your account.



Would you mind sending me one as well? I seem to have lost it for no reason



Can some one help me with a chrome issue?

Why does images display like this? But in incognito it’s normal. How do I remove the side view image?

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It must be a new feature Google want to try out? But I must say Jim Lee’s work on Hush holds up insanely well from what I see?

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Have anyone on the forum who bought the collectors edition, experienced that the coin have begun to discoloure? Mine been sitting in glass display out of director sunlight. Nothing else in the display have begun to show that kind of signs.

It looks like “rust” on first look, but since no other metal object in the display shows sign of rust. I didn’t have time to uploade a picture of the coin. @Travis_IOI does any of your display coins at IO show any similar signs?



Not that I’ve seen, no.



not mine (which has been kept in the case since purchase); slight blemish maybe but I think it was a reflection - I’ll try and remember to have another look



Yeah, same thing happened to my coin.



Checked mine rn, and yeah, it’s getting orange-y. Had the same thing happend to some of my enamel pins, oxidation i guess.
I can usually rub it off of them (like this), but now trying it with the coin, and it doesn’t go away that well, since the coin is so textured.



Mines not as mines been in the CE briefcase, like a few have mentioned it should come off with a basic clean, give google a quick hit up and search for coin cleaner, you’ll be able to grab something that will be safe to use I’m sure.



I’d advise caution, though, if the silvery layer is thin it might wear away quickly.

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Yeah but there are specialist kits you can buy for silver coins (although I presume this particular coin isn’t solid silver) it cost isn’t an issue this would solve the problem



I’m also a bit hesitant applying anything to it, in the fear of damaging it. Might try with a light touch of rubbing alcohol.



We have something in the UK called WD40 which would work a small amount applied on a cloth, probably available in Denmark?



Probably or at least something similar. But not something I know by name or something that pops to mind.

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