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Reasonable shout. WD-40 is American. I’d think the main issue is abrasion of a thin silvery coating, not so much the nature of the chemical mix used to clean it.


It should be fine, as long as you use fine, soft cloth. If you’re not sure, you can get a cloth specifically meant for cleaning the jewellery. I cleaned up tons of silver plated enamel pins like that over the years and never managed to accidentally harm them with it. Just be gentle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a picture of the coin, @Travis_IOI do you have any information on what the coin is made of? And if there is any kind of coating on. I want to clean it with the right tools.


Man that’s too bad to hear. Hopefully you are able to get bit cleaned. But does it bother anyone else that the insignia on the coin is “backwards?” That annoys me more than having it a bit dirty.


Now that you made me aware of it…yes.


Honestly, I noticed it the day they advertised it. I thought maybe they just messed up on the photo. Then the actual product came… still messed up :tired_face:

I’m a bit compelled to just get a coin made “the correct way” lol plus have it actual silver. May be a bit expensive, but would be worth it to me to have.

Sorry to burst your bubble though haha


So just regular baking soda should do the trick? well I guess it won’t hurt to try.


That might not be a bad idea, to have it plated later on.


That’s a great idea actually. However, I (personally) think that if you would go that route, perhaps just get the coin made from scratch (the correct way lol) that’s what I plan on doing. To get it engraved the same as your coin may not be as expensive as you may think. I own a lot of Hitman memorabilia that I got engraved (good quality too) and the most I paid for a specific custom Hitman item was $300.00 USD
It all depends where you go tbh. Prices vary, you just need to know where to look.


Mine coin shows no sign of wear (it’s just been sitting in the case as I only coughs the CE to get all the extra game content and fully support IO). You are welcome to have mine for your display if you pay for postage. PM if your interested.


They make little clear plastic cases for display coins too. Perhaps anyone who’s displaying the coin should look into that.
Edit: here’s some. No idea if they are the right size or not


Seriously though…

How isn’t this a more discussed topic on the Collectors Edition? I mean seriously, come on… the HITMAN logo is backwards LMFAO

The “Merces Letifer” part is spot on, but really IO, how could you butcher your own logo on a CE that was mass produced?

I’m kind of pissed about this to be honest…
would you buy a “Batman” game Collectors edition if a piece of the merchandise had the bat logo incorrect??

@badeaguard help me out, bro lol I know this HAS to bother you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn’t even seen that. But then again I lost all hope in them.


For real man? :astonished: I’m so surprised lol you always had a scary eye for detail haha

But yeah, this is some serious BS @Travis_IOI if I may ask, is there a reason behind this? I’m super curious what IO has to say about this


:joy: good luck with that.


mate it’s just a mirrored logo. collector’s edition merch is always shit anyway. just spend the extra money on some actual decent merch because the official stuff that comes with the game is always mass-produced shite


Smirks at the thought of Fallout 76’s "canvas bag"


I understand that and you’re right. I will definitely get the coin replicated correctly to add to my collection because in all honesty, I do like it a lot…

And I totally get it that CE’s are usually garbage. I understand that completely. However, that is NO excuse for screwing up on the actual games logo lmao I mean for Christ sake. How can you possibly mess that up (regardless how garbage any CE is)


I might be the fault of the actual factory rather than anything on IO’s part.


I’m sorry if I’m coming off aggressive, that’s not my intention. I’d just call it… “passionate.” And I am!

But seriously, it’s not just a coin it’s a coin with the HITMAN insignia (the games logo) incorrectly displayed. I wouldn’t necessarily call that “no biggie” people paid money for a product… at least get the design (that’s been used since 2000) correct lol it just shows the lack of care/thought. How this could get by IO is beyond me…