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They literally got one of their most famous logos the wrong way round and NOBODY noticed. I just… I just don’t get how that happens


I did lol


No, but… that wasn’t the point of the joke…


It doesn’t matter if people noticed or not. (Obviously some did) The fact is, it’s incorrectly positioned. How that’s not a problem to Hitman fans? Idk. Yes it’s just a coin, fine. But that’s not the point. The point is, how you do that with “your own” logo (looking at you IO :eyes:


Did you mean to reply to @anon74426438?


Huh, that’s weird. The One I saw was backwards as well…

But still, the finished product is incorrect…


My fault. No I just was speaking in general, not to anyone specifically. Sorry


Ah, okay, no problemo :smile:


@Mads47 how did you get on? Did the baking soda work? I’m intrigued and hope you’ve sorted it at the time same.


How do I unlock a adjustable scoped sniper rifle the easiest way?


How is the musician an enforcer?


That doesn’t matter because he’s disguised as a guard


Sure, I would be up for that. I’m always up for stuff like that

Havn’t tried yet, might do it later in this weekend.


No it didn’t go away. Plus they can’t see haha


I don’t know where I should post this question so I’ll post it here,
What do you guys think about the change in the number of breaching charges ? (they changed it from 2 to 1) Personally, I don’t like the change. I would’ve preferred 2, provides a lot of opportunities for different strategies but this change now makes some old strategies invalid which I really don’t like


I’m not sure what to make of it. I never found the two charges to be that overpowered as you can’t hold onto one if you’re doing a propane-tank kill, you have to set up one kill more “properly”. It’s still a very useful item, though, even with only one charge.


2 was definitely a fair amount, however I think the reasoning behind it was that it has so many different uses that maybe it was slightly OP, cracking bit of kit though!


I also think that was the reasoning from IOI’s perspective. But it is still an annoying change


Definitely, the fact that you could bust doors with them, use them as a distraction and an explosive device made them one of the most useful tools in the game! Tbh I haven’t used them that much in Hitman 2


It was a fatality for me…