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@Mads47 do I really need Gforce Experience on my laptop? I mean what is the use for it? Is it really useful and would it increase performance in games?
The master race is a bit confusing…


GeForce experience is definitely useless, it doesn’t “Optimize” games for you, it just changes some in game options for you, sometimes it makes things even worse.


So by removing it, games will run better anyway? And how am I going to update the drivers? Will there be notification or I need to go in the Device Manager and search for updateds by my self?
Like this


No it isn’t useless, GeForce experience is used for updating your graphics card’s driver when a new one is released. An updated driver can lead to improved performance and fix related bugs. You don’t need GeForce Experience for it, you can do it manually. But it’s more practical, plus It offers different tools like game optimization. There is no reason to uninstall it, there is no benefit from it.


Guess I will keep it then. What about recording game play? Is better Nvidia’s drive or Steam’s?


Steam doesn’t have such a tool, but the Nvidia overlay is god. It doesn’t impact performance, but be aware that raw video files can take a lot hardware space up if you record a lot.


Has there been any word from IO regarding the broken sniping system?


Hello all. Basic question.

I’m not much of a techie person; for example, I do not find it easy to work out what the hell is happening when I click “share” on a clip in my Xbox profile then “post” - what exactly has the thing done?

Anyway, point is, with that fairly low level of expertise in computery things, what’s the simplest/best way for me to handle clips for this forum? Anyone can go and look at, post a link to that?

For Xbox it looks like I need Windoze 10 to edit a clip and avoid embarrassing aiming such as can be seen in this clip (I think I was laughing).



Does anyone know where the antique lethal syringe went ? Did it get removed from the game or has it been moved as an unlock to a different difficulty ? I looked all over and I can’t find it


Look in ghost mode


I think all of the challenge pack unlocks were removed but I’m not certain


Can it be unlocked in Ghost mode? I haven’t tried that yet so don’t know anything about it beyond that it’s there and approximately what it is.


No you can find it in ghost mode though.

It was a cheeky comment.


they did rather quietly add in a challenge pack in PZ Bangkok, perhaps Himmapan Horror might get slipped in again at some point


I didn’t buy hitman 2 yet, so I dont have access to ghost mode. However, I don’t see any challenge packs and I’m certain that the antique lethal syringe was the reward for the himmapan horror.

Also, When I got the legacy pack, I got all the levels for hitman 1 but only 2 or 3 escalations for each location, so how do I get the other escalations ?


Correct about that syringe. The escalations might or might not get released as and when WB/IOI decide to release them.


Is 76-90 frame rates in Absolution alright? I mean good, bad? At what number the frame rates should be considered bad?


Antique syringe did not make a return to Hitman 2 (or legacy) as an unlockabke unfortunately, it was a reward for completing the Himmapan Horror challenge pack in Bangkok which didn’t make a return either , it can still be found in the basement in Colorado though.



Below 30.


Try this if you like, and see if there’s improvement.