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My fucking god! I disabled that MSAA and now I get 90 fps and above :open_mouth: What is that thing? Does other games have it too?
I really can’t tell much of a difference with the frames if not what my counter is showing.


Hit “Next 500” for more.


I think the one in the basement in Colorado is the modern lethal syringe without the silly sticker.


Ahh you’ve got me thinking now! Ill check it out later


I’m certain it’s not the antique lethal because that was introduced with the Himmapan Horror pack which came out a month after Colorado did


So in any game I need to remove Anti-Aliasing?


Ahhh I could of sworn it was the Antique syringe, my bad !


Anyone who has this Absolution Press Kit, could they please either post photos of all the pages in the book, in this thread or in a PM please?

@badeaguard @Mads47 @Vinnie_Sinistra @MrOchoa @Quinn @Chef-assassin @AGENT_58 @YacobT @RotaryOliver @Danger_dog_guy_7

(I could have sworn I remember one of you guys having it. Apologies if I’m wrong.)

But if anyone else can help, I’d really appreciate it a lot.



Don’t have it, sorry. But then again there are many things I don’t have. Just recently I bought the ICA keychain.


Mine is in German, but here’s what it looks like.


No problem, I can use Google translate. Is there only those pages? It looked thicker…

Anyway, Thank you, Quinn! Appreciate it man.


It’s just a leaflet, only 2 pages. The front says “Everything is a weapon” and the back just says


Don’t have just the regular box set.


Oh, alright that explains it. Well thank you again Quinn, I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me.

I’m sorry, what? Lol

Edit: never mind! I see what you mean now haha no problem, I got what I need now :slightly_smiling_face:


Mine is also in German, but I can’t remember if the spoon leaflet is in German also.


What is called type of music from the old Hitman games? Like the main theme from H2 Silent Assassin or the opera music from Blood Money?
I want to download more of those.


Classical music
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There was a special term for this specific music. A teacher made me hear one a long long time ago and told me what it was called.


Talking about choral music?


Maybe, I will check this later. Usually I search for epic battle music were they are very similar.