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Wait i’m a regular now? Thats unexpected.


I am looking for the name of a game.


The concept is that you have just arrived on a space station that is in the process of malfunctioning. Everyone on board is sweating and (I think) the space station is actually hurling towards the sun.

It’s a first person puzzle type game, kinda like mist. No guns that I can recall it’s just about having the right items and talking to the right people in order.

I remember there are maze like sections of the game where you are trying to walk through a hedge garden-this happens several times.

Anyone know the game I am talking about? I don’t know the title.


Sentient? 20 characters


The closest I found to match.


Holy shit.

You guys are damn good.

Thanks so much.

I had been typing ps1 space station maze garden trying to find it for months.


been on my mind, dunno why. Gonna find some let’s plays.

I never got far in the game.


jesus the guy in the beginning is terrifying. and why does the guy in blue have no head?


Who da heck are you?

But seriously congrats


InfraMoon? THE InfraMoon? man I wish I had that jaw


Well I’m just a normal guy on the internet, right? RIGHT???


Stop talking out of Uranus


While looking for one thing, I came across this video. Never mind what it’s talking about - I’m curious about the music it’s using. I remember it but I know it’s from either the late 90’s or early 2000’s. Does anyone remember what it’s from?

I’m thinking it could be from a racing game, probably on the PS1. Or something from the PS1. :confused:


No idea. Sounds like generic dance music that could have easily been in a fighting video game though lol


Any got pictures of the featured contracts unlocks? like this measuring tape one please?


Another quick one guys, I’m currently working my way through each location to complete 100%, when there’s an escalation or challenge pack added for that specific location will my 100% drop again until that said escalation or challenge pack is completed?


I’m pretty sure it will drop from 100%, it did that in Hitman 2016 and I don’t think it is any different in Hitman 2018.


It’s pretty simple:
If new content brings new challenge(s) - progress will be reduced.
If new content does not bring new challenge(s) - progress stays as it is


That clears it up! thanks for the quick response guys

@ingrobny @misterkiller


Is anyone here on the forum able to extract this wallpaper from the gamefiles? and possibly in 1440p resolution. Havn’t been able to find it online yet.


Gonna take a quick look.