Assassins Creed: Origins


Everyone probably knows by now, but you can unlock the “pre-order exclusive DLC” Secrets of the First Pyramids for 40 Uplay units.


Not sure how many hours most of you have put into origins, but after 90+ hrs and finally finishing the game, the combat in origins I have found to become very dull and repetitive.

Even on new nightmare mode, I find the combat in origins to not be as good as unity. I’ve been playing unity lately and have to say that the combat in unity is far superior, the most fun and is the best combat in the series.

In origins, I just find it’s become so repetitive that I’m almost doing it with my eyes closed because there is no real skill to it after you’ve done it for so many hours. I feel like button mashing becomes the theme of origins combat and there is no real deterent to doing that. It just seems to have gotten boring and uninteresting unlike TW3’s combat where it felt dynamic at all times with the use of attack, dodge, roll and multiple uses of different magic. And with unity, both dodge and parry were used so much more that it made combat a lot more interesting and fun.

Here’s a really cool sword battle I had in unity. You can see how we go back and forth and it actually felt like a sword fight. I just wish they made unity to be more aggressive with enemy attacks because it can be a little watered down for the noobs. But overall, I find that unity’s combat is the best.

And as for TW3 Combat, some people may not like battling monsters so I’ll show a pretty fun battle I had with Jutta (human). And she had a red skull over her which means a much higher level and death is imminent if fought against. I didn’t use any magic against her except my protective shield to kind of balance the fight otherwise she would have killed me quite easily having the red skull.

TW3 Combat is the best combat I’ve played with unity being number 2 and then other games like the Batman Arkham series (Arkham knight specifically) and Mad Max and then older AC games. I can’t even put Origins combat in my top 5 for favourite Combat in a game.

How do you guys feel about origins combat and with how many hours have you’ve put into it? I started to get bored with origins combat after about 30-40 hrs into the game, whereas the other games I’ve mentioned above, I never got bored of combat, especially TW3 Combat which I put in well over 400+ hrs.


Well the best compact in a series I think that is dark souls or blood born for strategic ecc but I don’t really like the game itself


Respectfully I have to disagree with you fundamentally.

The combat of Origins is heads and tails above Unity. I feel the exact opposite of how you feel. Unity is a button masher while Origins is where I dodge roll, parry, and watch for exploits.

In Unity I felt like all I was doing was getting ambushed while waiting for the enemy to do that thing with his arms like he is throwing a tantrum and push parry. Watch then Parry watch and then Parry. They would block so much all I could do was counter. In groups of more than 2 all I could do was smoke bomb and try to get my licks in. I hated fighting in that game.

Origins is far from perfect with the combat. I don’t even use lock on as much as I should because it feels restricting but at the same time without it sometimes I am hitting the air right next to an enemy instead of the enemy. But with Origins at least I can dodge roll around enemies who are block happy. Or use my bow to get them to drop the shield for a moment. I can use charged attacks for the same result. And if I just want to end a battle sadly the smoke bombs that also hurt your enemies are OP.

Personally I feel more in control with the combat of Origins where in Unity I felt like I was watching and waiting where in Origins I feel like I am taking charge of the momentum.

Dunno how many hours I put into Origins. I am level 33 and I am what I suspect to be the last few missions of the main quest. I have just been betrayed by Cleopatra the THOT of Egypt… and am going back to the tomb of Alexander the great. I know I have put more than 30 hours into it with all the side quests and hunting i did in the early game.

Dunno how many hours I put into Unity either, this may sound strange but I haven’t beaten Unity yet. Please let explain before I am judged. When it comes to ubi soft games I always beat the story last. I always do all the side quests and collectibles before I jump into story. So for Unity I have the most expensive gear and weapons head to toe, majority of side quests and what not are done and I am not even half way through the main story. So I have put serious hours into the game but have only beaten the DLC.

One more thing on Origins. I can say that at least with Origins they made me change up my combat style for a couple of bosses. My favorite so far was the Roman you fight in the battle with Ceaser. The guy with the flail he swings around his head. I had to just use arrows and mix it in with a few stabs with my bleeding sword. The other good one was the guy you fight protecting Thotpatra when they try to ambush the palace. He had amazing stamina and would swing forever and ever. Forcing me to dodge roll like crazy and create space and timing. The Galeic Bros in the arena wasn’t bad either.

I do agree that the game is easy but I thought it was because I am so OP from doing the side quests first. I was usually 5-7 levels above the main quest suggestion. If they fixed the camera and lock on I would like this combat as the best in the series.

Personally the dodge on this game is more satisfying than parry.


It is not. I’ll show you why it’s weak.

Uhhh what? No, dude. You can’t mash in unity. They’ll parry and counter attack. My video above proves that.

In fact, origins is pure mashing and you don’t get punished for it as you should. Take a look-see.

ac:o on nightmare

As you see, all I did was mash. I dodged once but basically just spammed the attack button without consequence.


As you see, enemies parry. They didn’t counter attack after a parry, perhaps to the enemy type but in the video I have above in the previous post, they do parry and counter attack if you spam.

And this is just with 2 enemies. If there’s more, you’ll almost be toast. It also has those random shooters that you gotta dodge out of the way from with a prompt to at least let you know where shots are coming from and when whereas origins, shots come at you without any warning which makes for annoying gameplay.

So maybe you’re saying “well the ac:o enemies didn’t have shields”. Ok, here you go.

[edit: I had a battle with some enemies in unity that carry spears without shields like my 1st video in this post and they DID parry and attack while in origins, they did squat. -End of edit]

ac:o on hard
(I put this in hard because they didn’t really make nightmare mode any harder than hard. It didn’t get smarter ai or more aggressive ai, they just made taking damage higher which is a real unorganic way to raise difficulty.

You can see there that all I do is mash. No dodge no nothing. And when an enemy has a shield, a single press of the heavy hit opens him up and you can mash again, which I did. So again, there is no deterrent or punishment to mash in origins whereas in unity, there is. The enemy will block or parry+counter.

So I have no idea where you get you can mash in unity. Not true at all.

Ya, further proves you can’t button mash in unity.

Well first, you can roll in unity and you have to use it against bigger enemies in which use bigger weapons that you can’t parry.
And second, the enemies with shields in origins can easily be button mashed too with a simple click of the heavy attack as seen in my third video above.

That’s true but all because combat in origins is far easier and noob friendly whereas combat in unity was discouraged by the devs to promote stealth. That’s why they made it harder to fight against 3+ enemies at once. But in origins, you can easily bash through a group no problem.

Ya the boss fights were great but it just doesn’t happen enough to justify the weak combat as a whole and overall.

Well this is all preference so I’m not going to tell you that you are wrong but the difference is, you don’t need to use dodge in origins against most enemies because you can mash right through them even if they have a shield while in unity, you must use parry against most.


There is one thing anyway that completely broke the combact of unity and is called smoke bomb. Throw a few of these and you can kill an army.


I guess but some enemies have flash bombs which blind you completely. So it kinda balances itself out. :upside_down_face:


Personally I have to say that combat in Origins feels WAAAY more smoother than the one in Unity (in my opinion of course ).

First of all you have to think about this - that Origins has 20+ times more beatiful graphics than unity, even though it rarely freezes frames or glitches even on some bad modern computers, meanwhile unity has worse graphics and still glitches even tho my computer IS A BEAST and I still got lovely 14p per second while fighting.

Now that we got the glitches/animations and freezijng while in both freerunning and combat over lets actually gon on the actual combat itself.

First of all @immadummee47 in Origins you were fighting guys which were almost two levels behind you while in Unity you were FIGHTING TWO ENMIES WHICH WERE TWO TO THREE SHARDS ANOVE YOU WHICH CLEARLY MEANS THAT YOU MADE UNITY SEEM HARDER THAN IT IS, SO FOR FAIR PLAY YOU SHOULD ATLEAST FIGHT SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE (lol literally haha) IN BOTH GAMES! Ok, so we just realized that you were making Unity seem way harder and that you cant button mash at it, but tbh if you were fighting someone the same or lower level than you then you can just mash all the buttons and pray fir the best (which is probably gonna happen).

Another thing I dissagree wtih you is your opinion on mechanics…In assassins creed origins you actually have to dodge in the first few hours playing the game till you dont get the parfy skill, till then dodge is your absolute BFF. As for Unity you said that you actaually need to break defense and parry which…clears throat is nit necesarlly true since you were fighting enemies above you whi can parry while if you fought enemies your size or lower (like you did in Origins) you could figure out that they cannot block your attacks…and if you were also truly button mashing then youh could button mash x or space…BUTTONS FOR PARRYONG WHICH YOU DIDNT MASH BCS YOU WANTED UNITY TO SEEM HARDER…

(But I still respect your opinion.)

And that is all just my opinion and tbh I have to agree with @Lazlow on this one. Bye and thanks to you if you reply.


If you want to talk about difficulty, which I wasn’t, in origins, did you notice I used a level 3 sword while fighting level 36 enemies? So your theory goes out the window. But again, I’m not talking about difficulty. I’m talking just the combat engine. As I said, in origins, you can spam a lot more and be rewarded while in unity, you cannot. Doesn’t matter the level.

All I’m saying is that after 90hrs of playing origins, in which I didn’t play an all out attack as I preferred a more stealth approach, I found the combat to become dull and boring. At first I thought it was the same as the Witcher 3 combat. The style of combat of that being an open hit box, yes, but the dynamic of it, not even close. I just found myself mowing through enemies not caring because I found it to become too predictable and repetitive. And after playing unity from start to finish, and now playing it again, and also playing 400+ hrs in the Witcher 3, I never got bored with any of that combat.

I’ll make new vids real soon.


That is true thank you for your explanation the hitbox on enemies is really wide in Origins (which tbh is kinda good. since i am a gurl that cant play shite except kill targets in Hitman) and it surely makes the combat a whole lot easier. In Unity however the combat is challenging and I like going sneaky and not combaty in ac games Spoiler alert: especially in that Marie Levasque assassination mission FUC THAT GIRL, FUC HER BODYGUARDS AND FUC EVERYTHING SHE STANDS FOR I ALMOST GOT A 3RD WAVE PERIOD AND BLEEDING FROM HOW MUCH I SAW THAT DESYNCHRONISATION SCREEN I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE DEAD MARIE
(I blurred the text sice i dont know if you came to that target yet I hope that you know that whoever I am talking about is a bich, and her mission is shite.
Thank you for all the points you made, but I like Origins combat more than unity since unity is so much more challneging.

  • Yes please I am excited for your videos MAKE MORE


Assassin’s Creed Origins Nightmare mode part 1 Live now on twitch


Wow I am very happy that you have started playing this game yourself (especially on nightmare mode), great video.
But before anything I suggest that you do many more side missions and just go and check out different areas since at all these assassination missions you need to be atleast the same level or 2 levels ahead.
You should also checkout different areas of the map and the points of interest are marked with “?” and they could be military camps or treasures while golden ones are tombs and stone circles.
There is also an arena of gladiators, 2 of them in fact one larger one smaller. The smaller one is (Tiny Spoiler Alert) The arena in the city of Krokodilopolis Faiyum, which is actually also featured in the main story while hunting one of your targets. The second one is not in the story but it is in the northwest end of the map on the greek occupied city of Cyrene, where it is not a spoiler but it is bigger and has more bosses (Minor Spoiler Alert) Just Watchout while fighting the last boss the undefeated Duelist SHE IS A PAIN IN THE ASS what a bich gurl me and my boyfriend loved seeing Bayek kill her
Also in the future the targets are going to be difficult, you will even have to fight one in the pyramid.
Hope this helped, I hope you are enjoying the game lol.


Don’t worry about spoilers, this is my second playthrough of the game, I already completed it on normal mode once, and I absolutely loved it!! It’s one of the best games I ever played, it should have been GOTY 2017
Thanks for the tips, I’m happy you enjoyed the video


Oh great then, thank you so much - as for me it is definitely GOTY 2017 alongside (this may sound a bit cliche) HITMAN.
(You could also say it gave players a bit of creed into the franchise amirite huehuehuehuehue)


Hitman is still Year 2016 game😐


Oh lol that is true didn’t realize but for 2017 Origins outdid itself and HITMAN has put op dlc’s and expansion packs sooooooooo…(I also layed my hands on the HITMANN disk in 2017 not 16 lol)


Started a Nightmare Mode Walkthrough on YouTube, it will include all Main and Side Missions.


Discovery Tour set to be released on 20-Feb.


Gosh, I am excited, not only is it going to be a FREE update, but it is waaaaay more interesting than databases.
It also seems fun to engage in activites likePottery in Atef Pehu nome in even in first person, or eating olives ner Cyrene, this makes learning very fun and I also heard teachers are buying it to teach history lessons in schools (IKR crazy! Just imagine being like: ‘‘Ok students lets turn on Ac Origins on your computers, and turn to lesson 3 major exports of Cyrene in the next 5 minutes. It is going to be in Kyrenaika, so expect walking to be done. Also engage in activities and tell me what you learned. Tomorrow wr are going to focus more on Architecture of Alexandria and Pottery! We have a history test tomorrow so play Origins in home aswell and learn everything!’’ - Like woul not that be crazy!
(Also having the option between 25 different characters is also a neat idea!)


Wow what a great idea and thing to do.

Truthfully this is the only reason I mess with these games. I am glad they did this and I can’t wait to try it.