Assassins Creed: Origins


I think even after this kind of “break” the ne AC won’t be that good - but I hope that it will be awesome. The players need something new, not again clock towers to unlock the map, or special areas controlled by enemy’s to take over…
But some of us talked already about this ubisoft problem in “Ubisoft & Open Games”.


I generally like all AC games, just to have fun being a killing machine with multiple kill animations. :wink:
I am inclined to believe that Ubisoft would not upset the apple cart again. The game looks promising and colourful going by the screen above.

I just hope they don’t screw up on the optimization front, as this looks like their idea of an “improved game” like AC: Unity was advertised earlier, with open interiors, huge crowds, etc.; I still cannot get over the fact that AC: Unity runs very poorly at lowest settings on my PC with very good specs.


This doesn’t really add up. It was only after Brotherhood that combat lost all of its purpose with the disgusting introduction of the killstreaks and lethal counters to enemies that literallyI attack in turns and let you know when they’re going to move, not to mention enemies got tremendously debuffed in general.

I remember having to retry like over a dozen times on AC1 to kill King Ricardo’s escorts. And I don’t even remember how many times I retried against Al-Mualim’s summonings.

AC2 was not so hard but it was still complicated.


I wasn’t saying that combat had a purpose; it’s just fun with continuous mindless killing triggering different animations.

Personally, I liked the combat in AC1. It was more challenging than all the other later games. It was also something new at that time with seamless animation (like Altaïr actually turning around and bringing up his sword to counter an enemy attack unlike Prince of Persia: Warrior Within/The Two Thrones).


I dunno man, how long it can be fun? They can make only so much animations.

To me, personally, the franchise was dead halfway through Relevations. I finished it just because I wanted to know how Ezio’s story ends, I was having no fun with the gameplay itself. The parkour with its auto jumping, auto grabbing and auto everything was boring, all I had to to do (PC) was hold down Shift+Space+RMB at all times and no obstacle would pose any kind of danger, Ezio just runs over everything on himself. How do I not fall asleep doing that, the game was practically playing itself.

Combat was even worse, as mentioned by Supernova above. One shoot one kill counters ruined the combat with the enemies politely attacking you one by one, they were slow as fook too. Jesus christ. Also, at this point the franchise had barely any stealth left in it.

Now, I’m not hating, AC2 is actually one of my favorite games ever, but it just got so stale with each and every game copying AC2 with a minor tweak like a hookblade or whatever, that I just couldn’t bear it, let alone pay for this Call of Duty situation.


Syndicate is the best Assassin’s Creed gameplay, by far, in my opinion. I always tried so hard to like the others, and never did. But Syndicate is really fun.


I knew then that the series was headed for trouble, and we would see little change (gameplay-wise) across installments.


It’s being made by the AC4 team? That’s great news. Black Flag wasn’t revolutionary by any means, but it did a great job of taking all the tech developed for AC3 and tying it all together in a well rounded, cohesive package, with a level of polish we haven’t seen from the series since.

If they can replicate that with the fancy new engine Unity and Syndicate used, we could be in for a treat.


They totally scrapped the last game engine that was used in unity and Syndicate and remade a new one. Since they gained all that knowledge from current gen consoles, I believe it will be great this time around.


Well, that’s good news. Syndicate ran decent on PC too. It was Unity that was pathetic for me.


Ya, I bought unity day 1 and returned it the very next week as it was totally unplayable (and ppl complain about hitman. Play unity day 1, you’ll throw your controller, console and tv out the window). BUT, I did buy it again in aug 2015 and with all the patches that came out, it played beautifully. Frame rate was fixed. This was on ps4. I heard pc had the worst version.

And speaking about hitman’s bugs and issues with it, batman arkham knight was pulled off the shelves for pc many many months until it got fixed. It literally was unplayable. I guess that’s why I can’t really complain about hitmans issues that much. I’ve experienced way worse. Lol


That’s true. Hitman has never had major issues like some other titles have had. And the worst thing is, PCs, despite being better off from a hardware perspective, end up getting the worst ports many times.

I remember that Warner Bros (publisher) finally got back stating that they weren’t able to fix the performance problems faced by many users and offered full refunds on Steam. This particular case was due to Iron Galaxy not having enough time for QA for the PC port.


I heard Unity is now a locked 30fps on PS4 Pro with Boost Mode. So it got there eventually :sweat_smile:


That’s because we are now in the times where consoles dictate how games will be built. Since (most) games are cross platform, publishers want equality (to a certain extent) that give sales to whomever they have deals with (eg. Hitman+Sony=Sarajevo Six). And this downgrades graphics on PC to be more on par with consoles. But there’s more than just graphics too.

And yes, they did give refunds for Arkham Knight.


Well when I played it, I had very smooth fps after all the patches in aug 2015. My pro doesn’t even run hitman smoothly in boost mode and fps unlocked.


This is absolutely fine with me. But what I cannot digest is the poor optimization, despite the downgrade, on a more powerful hardware. PC market is pretty decent too, and it would make sense if more time was put in to optimize the game port to PC.


True but it’s usually cuz deals are done with consoles so the money devs/publishers make more from them. It could also mean that pc ports are then given to smaller studios to work on. Or they could do it on purpose to try to sell more for consoles. Who knows. Haha.


It gives a bit Black Flag vibes and Black Flag was amazing.


But it wasn’t a true assassins creed game. I felt more like a vagabond trying to survive than an assassin from the brotherhood. Shay felt more like that than Edward so it wasn’t the navel that made it feel that way.


Personally, I do not like naval gameplay, and naval warfare is worse. The new game does not seem to have naval warfare, and only travel, which is good news for me.